DIY Firestarter Kit | The Evermine Blog |

DIY Fire Starter Kit

I love gathering outside around a good fire. Be it a campfire in the forest or bonfire at the beach, it never gets old. For me, a good fire always means there are friends and family around with s’mores in hand, good eats roasting and stories being told, but you can’t get to the fun… 

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Classroom Goldfish Snacks | The Evermine Blog |

Classroom Goldfish Snacks

Going back to school is an exciting time. I remember how much I loved getting brand new school supplies each year, not to mention new clothes for fall. My mom would always pack me a nutritious lunch along with a special treat or snack. Goldfish crackers were always my favorite, and even now as an… 

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Wildberry Soda Syrup | The Evermine Blog |

Wildberry Soda Syrup

I’m lucky to live where sweet, wild berries are abundant in the summer. Each year I head out to my favorite (secret) blackberry bramble and pick bucketfuls of berries that cost a small fortune to buy at the Farmer’s Market. Near the brambles are also huckleberries and Oregon grape, both of which are on the… 

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DIY Mini Picnic Blanket Favors | The Evermine Blog |

Simple Gift: DIY Mini...

Aren’t Picnics full of just the most magical moments? It's a combination of being out in nature, eating delicious food, and being surrounded by laughter and chatter. So for a mini girlfriend getaway from the laundry, dishes, and to-do … read more >

English Lavender Linen Sachets

English Lavender Linen...

After moving into our new home, I discovered we inherited a giant mature English lavender bush. Now that summer is in full swing here in Oregon, the lavender bush is overflowing our driveway. Instead of just pruning the whole bush back, I … read more >

Flavor-Infused Bloody Mary | The Evermine Blog |

Saturday Sips!...

Tomatoes are in peak season right now, so we wanted to take advantage of the harvest with a twist on the oh-so-popular Bloody Mary cocktail. Spicy, flavorful and full of color, Bloody Marys are the perfect adult-beverage to ease the … read more >

Ginger-Mint Lemonade | The Evermine Blog |

Ginger-Mint Lemonade...

You wouldn't think that mint and citrus would go well together. I mean, have you ever had a glass of orange juice after you brushed your teeth? Thankfully this recipe is nothing like that! The smooth and spicy sweetness of ginger syrup … read more >

3 Easy Baby Shower Favor Ideas | The Evermine Blog |

3 Easy Baby Shower Favor...

Throwing a baby shower for the new parents-to-be? We've got three clever baby shower favor ideas to help make the event extra memorable for both the guests and the new mom and dad. Arrange the favors on a table near the exit and they'll … read more >

Nail Polish Gender Reveal Favors | The Evermine Blog |

Nail Polish Gender...

Expecting a new baby is an exciting time for any mom-to-be. When looking for creative ways to announce the gender of your baby, there are plenty of fun ideas to choose from. I love the idea of hosting a small get-together with best friends … read more >