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Plantable Paper Heart Favors


When you order heart-shaped tags, they come on a carrier sheet with each tag punched and ready to pop out. After you pop them out, you have not only tags, but the carrier sheet with a bunch of heart-shaped holes in it. There must be something you can do with this. After mulling it over for a while, I remembered the Christmas cards I made last year with my own homemade paper. I had made a paper rectangle mold to use as a guide so all the pieces of homemade paper were the same. That’s when I … [Read more...]

Simple Gift: Split Pea Soup Mix


This is about the easiest gift of any you could possibly make. And it is simple for the recipient too; there is nothing on earth easier to make than split pea soup! Plus it comes with such a satisfying reward: it is so delicious and warming on a winter day. All you really need to make great split pea soup is split peas, salt and water. You can add all kinds of things if you have the energy and time - celery, onions, garlic, chives, tiny diced carrot bits, parsley, ham bacon; but it’s the peas … [Read more...]

Pomegranate Wedding Favors


Fresh, simple, and live favors are everywhere, waiting for your inspiration to discover. We used pomegranates for a fall wedding favor idea, with the bold colors of fall - red and gold and the deep blue sky of evening. You can use any fruit in the world! Bananas, oranges, kiwis, mangos, grapes, the adorable tiny pineapples that are so sweet, a basket of berries or cherries; apples, peaches, apricots.... all of these fruits would make beautiful, simple and easy favors. What a way to … [Read more...]

Holiday Recipe: Snowball Cookies

Snowball Cookies Recipe #holiday #christmas #homemade #gift #package #labels

My mother, Barbara White, has been baking these for over sixty years. I asked her where she got the recipe, and she doesn’t know; but I remember even when I was four or five years old that these were my very favorite Christmas cookies that she baked. I remember helping her roll them in the powdered sugar. This year Mom is 91, and is not baking as much as she used to. I thought a lovely tribute to her would be to bake up these sweet little cakes and give them out to family at our Mother’s Day … [Read more...]

Browning Sauce Recipe


A perfect gift for cooks. Browning sauce is something I love for one very simple (and important) reason. It makes gravy beautifully brown. Beef, pork or lamb gravy becomes a rich dark brown, and surprisingly it also makes turkey or chicken gravy a lovely golden brown when you use it sparingly. Add a very small amount to cream sauce or cheese sauce to add depth and richness to the color. Browning sauce was always difficult to find at the store, but after a while it became impossible to find. … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Seeds Halloween Birthday Favor

Pumpkin Seeds Halloween Birthday Favor #recipe #homemade #labels #packaging #gift

Our Taylor turns eight on Halloween, so we are making some little favors for the party using (of course) a classic Halloween goodie, pumpkin seeds. Crunchy and slightly salty! Caylie and I made them, and they are, of course, simple and adorably cute. Use organic shelled pumpkin seeds if you can find them. A few go a long way, so you will not need to get a lot. One cup makes 14-16 little envelopes of treats. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and add salt until it “tastes like the … [Read more...]

Homemade Garlic Salt


This is an amazing gift, and is not difficult. It needs some planning ahead. And talk about mileage! You will be remembered every time the cook adds a bit of garlic salt to a dish. If you don't grow your own garlic, purchase it from a farmer's market where you will find the best and freshest, and you will be able to get a variety that can't be found at a grocery store. Every year I provide garlic from my garden for our entire family. My favorite is a pink variety that I have grown since we … [Read more...]

Back To School I.D. Labels


Here is a super fun and super easy way to get your children off to school with a little excitement, and make things easier for them at school, as well. Use a cute photo of your child on a photo label to identify their lunch sack and other school snacks, supplies and notebooks. It will be so easy for them to find what’s theirs, and other kids will easily know who it belongs to, too. This can be done for children as young as two who are going to pre-school. They don’t even need to know … [Read more...]

Apple Kringle


One of my favorite things to make for dessert is pies. Well I must digress for a moment.. to crust. Anything with a crust is my favorite thing to make. No matter what filling might be inside, it serves for me as an accent for the crust. You can have crust without anything, golden brown and straight out of the oven, and it’s terrific. So start with the crust, then when you fill it with something, you are adding to the fun. Of all that you can do with crust, my favorite thing is pies... and … [Read more...]

Printable Luggage Tags

Printable Luggage Tags from My Own Ideas blog

Make your own luggage tags for party favors, place cards or wedding gifts. Just download our printable Luggage Tag PDF, print on a sheet of heavy paper or cover stock and trim out. Affix a personalized label and tie off with decorative string. Add A Personalized Label: • If you choose to use the long luggage tag template (shown above), our wide (shape 34) labels and tall (shape 04) labels will fit perfectly. • Use our short luggage tag template with vertical (shape 05) labels and … [Read more...]

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