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Homemade Blackberry Pepper Jam


As I was looking for a recipe where I could use my freshly picked blackberries, I came across this unusual jelly recipe that included hot peppers. The original recipe called for jalapenos but I found I can use any hot peppers and spice it up as hot as I want it to be. I then took a sample to work for everyone to try and tell me what they thought, and they all loved it! Some said it could be hotter (I used 6 serranos) and others said it was perfect. I think it could use 1 more pepper for my … [Read more...]

Sally’s Salsa

A Salsa Garden & Recipe


(Used in this project: Circle Jar Labels in Custom style and Oval Labels in Love style.) Every year I love to have a garden and experiment with growing different things. Last year I grew just a “salsa garden” with garlic, peppers, onions and of course tomatoes!  I ended up canning my own homemade salsa to give away as gifts. It felt so nice to be able to say I grew almost everything in my salsa myself (I did add cilantro, lemon pepper and vinegar from the store). I also made my own label … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Roll Favors

The sweetest gift to give...


Recently, I took a trip to Lapine, Oregon to visit my sister and her family. While I was there she served these really cute and so delicious store-bought, mini cinnamon rolls for breakfast one morning. While I was enjoying my breakfast and good company, I came up with the idea of giving individually packaged cinnamon rolls as gifts. I was planning to attend a friend's wedding soon and thought these would be a unique and personalized wedding gift for them. To make them, I created a personalized … [Read more...]

Holiday Wine & Coasters


I created this wine package to give at holiday times to close friends and as hostess gifts. To make them, I went to the grocery store and picked out a bottle of wine, choosing a bottle color that would match my label - and of course a wine that I liked too! Then I soaked off the original label overnight in warm soapy water, dried the bottles and put my personalized labels on them. I also peeled off the plastic hood and replaced it with a color to match (be sure you do this before you put the new … [Read more...]

Jailhouse Brew


My boyfriend, Rick, loves amber non-alcoholic beer. Last year he decided to get healthier (something people tend to do after they turn 50.) He changed some of his eating habits and cut way back on alcohol (hence a 20 pound weight loss). He has found non-alcoholic beers to be very good (especially the dark ones). Recently, we hosted a party and I thought it would be fun to serve our own "Jailhouse Brew" complete with custom beer labels and coasters. We had a lot of fun choosing our own design … [Read more...]

Friend Cards

A modern version of the calling card

Sally friend cards

I call these my “friend cards.”  Whenever I meet new people I want to stay in touch with while on vacation or here around town, I give them one. What I like about these is that they don’t have my phone number or business name to contact me by. They just have my picture to remember me and my email. It's way easier to pull one out of my beach bag or purse, than scramble for a pen and paper. And everyone is impressed! I’ve had a lot of great comments on these, as it’s … [Read more...]

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