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Easter Gift: Carrot Snack Bags

A simple tutorial for an Easter gift your kids will love.


As Easter approaches, I find myself once again trying to come up with healthy alternatives to candy to fill the kids’ baskets. I try to limit the amount of sugar I give them, and holidays are no exception. I have seen many alternatives to this idea while browsing Pinterest, so I thought I would give it a try. What makes this treat bag unique is the type of bag that I used. You can purchase treat bags already shaped and colored to look like carrots and fill them with anything you'd … [Read more...]

Rainbows and Gold Gift bags

A cute and simple DIY St. Patrick's Day gift idea for kids.


St. Patricks Day is highly celebrated in my family because we have a heritage rich with Irish blood. Every year I teach my kids about Irish pride, and they always enjoy the special treats I make just for them. Treats like these Rainbows and Gold gift bags. How to Make: This project is as easy as it gets. I picked up a bag of rainbow Twizzlers, and a bag of Rolo chocolates at the store, and packaged them in Evermines's cello bags (medium size). First you throw a few Rolos in the … [Read more...]

$1 Wedding Favor: Peppermint Patties


In the middle of June with the sun blazing high in the sky, my close friends Phil and Stacey said "I Do." It was a backyard wedding, and the biggest event of the summer. The couple had shed blood, sweat and tears for months prior, preparing the yard for guests. They built walls, spread sod, and moved mountains to attain the perfect look. They had a picture perfect ceremony followed by the biggest pot luck BBQ I have ever attended. Dancing, drinks, good friends and good times. Not only did I … [Read more...]

Wedding Wish Tree


(Used in this project: Large Oval Tags in Aunt Lorraine style.) A do-it-yourself personalized alternative to a guest book. This Dutch tradition has been adopted by many modern brides, and can be transformed into an elegant piece to any wedding. The tree can be placed anywhere either at the ceremony entrance or the reception, and guests are supplied with pen and paper, to write their well wishes for the bride and groom. There are many blogs out on the web about these trees. All you … [Read more...]

Bulb Favors

Bulb Favors from My Own Ideas blog #diy #spring #favor #wedding

(Used in this project: Circle Labels and Diamond Tags in Summer Garden style.) Did you know that just about any bulb will grow in rocks? Neither did I until I came across an article about paper white bulbs. The article explained that as long as the bulb was always touching water and the container was heavy enough to take the weight of the plant, it would grow. I wanted to try it myself just to see, but paper whites were no where to be found since they are a winter flower. So I picked up a bag … [Read more...]

Getaway Welcome Baskets

Couples Beach Retreat


(Used in this project: Labels, Gift Tags and Coasters in Color Wash style.) My husband and I just returned from a wonderful trip to the Oregon Coast. A group of about twelve of our friends got together, pooled our money and rented a large, beautiful beach house near Lincoln City. Since the friends consisted of married couples, all of which decided to leave the kids at home, we called it our "Couples Beach Retreat". Keeping with the spirit of the mini getaway vacation, I decided to … [Read more...]

Graduation Soda


The end of the school year is approaching and for some, graduation! My friend's daughter is a senior in high school this year - kids grow up so quickly! This time next week she'll be handed her high school diploma and take that giant leap into adulthood. As a graduation gift, I decided to give her a pack of her favorite grape soda personalized just for her. I soaked off the labels and added custom labels in her school colors from evermine.com. For the finishing touch I topped each bottle with … [Read more...]

Book-Themed Baby Shower


The My Own Labels staff recently gathered at a local watering hole to celebrate the anticipated arrival of our newest member. It wasn't by any means your typical "baby shower." Of course, us Portlanders always have to do things a little differently, don't we? We all met after work at the Beech Street Parlor, which is actually an old Portland home that has been transformed into a cozy little bar with antique couches and bold wallpaper in every room. But that wasn't the only thing that set this … [Read more...]

Adopt A Monkey Party Favors


I can't believe its been another year already, and my little girl has turned two. For her second birthday I decided to throw her a monkey themed party, because she just loves Curious George, and any other monkey she sees. I try to follow a few rules when throwing a party, to make sure that everyone has a good time. Rule #1: Keep the kids entertained As long as the little ones are busy and happy, the adults can relax and mingle a little too. For my daughters monkey party we had several … [Read more...]

S’more Pops


Every year around Valentine's Day I start to get excited thinking about fun and unique treats to hand out to my son's classmates. When I decided to make these S'more Pops I instantly knew what I wanted them to say. My husband and I always say "I love you!" "I love you more!" "No, I love you more!" I know it sounds incredibly cheesy but doesn't it just make you giggle too? That's what Valentine's Day is all about! S'more Pops What You'll Need: • Graham Crackers • Marshmallow cream • … [Read more...]

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