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4th of July Candy Favors + DIY Twist Ties

With Free Printable Paper Ribbon

4th of July Candy Favors + DIY Twist Tie Tutorial #printable #craft

(Used in this project: Scallop Favor Tags in Boxicle and Fest styles with Small Cellophane Bags and Printable Paper Ribbon.) Simple candy favors, for any occasion, are easy to make and always loved by guests who take them home (especially children). For these 4th of July favors, I chose to use handmade twist ties instead of ribbon to tie up small cellophane bags filled with cherry and blueberry Jelly Bellies. I first read about making twist ties here and knew I wanted to try it with our … [Read more...]

Perfectly Personal Place Cards

Plus simple tips for taking a great photograph

Photo place cards from Evermine.com

Honor the star of the party by adding their photo or name(s) to place cards made just for them. This is a very easy, very elegant way to add sparkle to the table and it takes very little effort. The hardest part will be to select an appropriate photo; and if you can’t get this, then simply put their names on the place cards or add the party theme, for example “All You Need is Love” to make the place cards personal. Keep in mind these guidelines when taking your … [Read more...]

Special Occasion Coaster Ideas


By now it should come as no surprise that our coasters are new and improved. Extra-thick and completely customizable with different styles and colors, My Own Labels coasters are sure to hold up in any situation but also create a wow factor at the same time. It's the little details that count so I've assembled five of our favorite coaster ideas for adding personalized touches to your next gathering, celebration or simple gift. 1. Birthday Celebrations Surprise a friend or family member for … [Read more...]

Wedding Coaster Ideas


If you've seen our homepage lately you may have noticed that our new coasters are one more reason to love My Own Labels. These extra thick coasters are definitely something to boast about and we are pleased to provide a new, improved product! Still available in two shapes, dozens of styles and colors and completely customizable, all of our coasters are now more durable and just as thick as brew pub coasters. Coasters can be a fun decoration and favor for any event, especially weddings. With a … [Read more...]

What To Say On Your Special Day


Finding the perfect words for your wedding can tell your story and complete your theme. We've come up with a list of our favorite romantic phrases to help you choose just the right message for your special day. Whether you are welcoming your guests, saying thank you, or adding a unique touch to your wedding favors, the perfect wording will melt the hearts of your friends and family. Spring Wedding Plant the seed, harvest the dream Friendship is a sheltering tree May the joy of our … [Read more...]

DIY Tips: How To Tie A Perfect Bow


We are always looking for creative and unique finishing touches to homemade projects that we can share with our customers and blog readers. We are constantly posting packaging and styling tips so you, our reader, are always ready to dive into your own projects with confidence. But no matter how many different styling ideas and tools we have under our belts to share with you all, the ability to tie a basic flat bow is definitely a skill that everyone should have in their toolbox. This … [Read more...]

DIY Tips: How To Center A Bottle Label


You wouldn't think that applying a label to a wine or beer bottle would be that difficult, but I remember my first try being rather frustrating and the result a crooked, crinkled label that I ended up having to soak off and start over. Now, having worked at My Own Labels for two years, I've mastered the art of applying labels to bottles. In this tutorial I will share the tips and tricks I use to place a perfectly centered label on a beer or wine bottle every time. Supplies: • Wine or beer … [Read more...]