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Easter Gift: Carrot Snack Bags

A simple tutorial for an Easter gift your kids will love.


As Easter approaches, I find myself once again trying to come up with healthy alternatives to candy to fill the kids’ baskets. I try to limit the amount of sugar I give them, and holidays are no exception. I have seen many alternatives to this idea while browsing Pinterest, so I thought I would give it a try. What makes this treat bag unique is the type of bag that I used. You can purchase treat bags already shaped and colored to look like carrots and fill them with anything you'd … [Read more...]

Easter Gift Baskets

With DIY naturally dyed Easter eggs.


Every Easter, images of gorgeous Easter eggs colored with vibrant natural dyes pop up all over the internet, and the results always look so fantastic that I decided to try it myself for my family’s Easter gathering. So, with the help of a few ingredients from the kitchen, I came up with three natural dye colors for my eggs, and I'm really happy with how they turned out. To make the natural dyes: RED This dark red coppery color is made using the outer skins of several red and yellow … [Read more...]

April Fools! “Doughnut Seeds”

A simple DIY gift idea for April Fools.


My husband asked me to help him pick the perfect prank to play on his coworkers for April Fools this year - something appropriate for the office and not too mean - so I went searching and found the best idea at Spoonful.com: Doughnut Seeds! And while I love the idea of using a real seed packet, I wanted to find a way to show off the "seeds" so people would get the joke without having to open the package. That's why I chose cellophane bags (medium sized) for packaging, because you can see … [Read more...]

Deli-style Nutmeats

Vegan and gluten-free!


Welcome our new contributing writer, Lorraine! Lorraine is a medical student, writer and food lover living in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. Sometimes, Lorraine realizes that, for the most part, her family, friends and adored acquaintances are just a bike ride away. This gives her a sense of cozy giddiness! Mostly though, she gets psyched about creating and sharing food, particularly the kind of food that is accidentally healthy and delicious. See more of her work at … [Read more...]

Lucky Charm Treat Bags with a Shamrock Bow

The perfect gift idea for St. Patrick's Day!


As a kid I used to have Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, and Lucky Charms cereal for Saturday morning breakfast. I would wake up early in the morning, pad down to the kitchen in my footed pajamas, and grab the bowl full of kiddie catnip that was set in the fridge beside the milk. I was then all set to watch weekend morning cartoons while my parents had a well-deserved sleep in. Things have changed a little. I no longer have time to watch cartoons and I certainly don't want to get up early. … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Nacho Bar + Free Printables


Make your annual Super Bowl party truly epic this year by hosting your own Nacho Bar. It's easy to set up and prep ahead of time and guests can enjoy munching on their own nacho throughout the big game. Plus we've designed free printable snack baskets and table tents in your favorite team's colors, making the event truly memorable. How To Host A Nacho Bar: You Will Need: • A large table • A crock pot • Free printable snack baskets and table tents • Beer or other drinks … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Chili-In-A-Jar


The Super Bowl is right around the corner and I am planning to whip up a big batch of my favorite homemade chili to serve on game day. The best Super Bowl dishes are always a little messy and can be difficult to transport if you aren't hosting, so I like to come up with creative ways to make things single serving and easy to eat in front of the television. This chili-in-a-jar is perfect. Just make up a batch your favorite chili and spoon it into mason jars. I love this idea because you … [Read more...]

Spicy Buffalo Ranch Dip


For this year’s Super Bowl party, I’ll be making a giant platter of Buffalo chicken wings to go with our buffet of chopped vegetables and chips. To accompany all of this delicious snack-sized dipping food, I’ve decided to whip up a big batch of spicy buffalo ranch dip, and I’ll be serving it in individual sized jars so each guest can have their own and double-dip to their hearts content. Spicy Buffalo Ranch Dip From franksredhot.com • 1 (16 oz.) carton of sour … [Read more...]

Simple Gift: Split Pea Soup Mix


This is about the easiest gift of any you could possibly make. And it is simple for the recipient too; there is nothing on earth easier to make than split pea soup! Plus it comes with such a satisfying reward: it is so delicious and warming on a winter day. All you really need to make great split pea soup is split peas, salt and water. You can add all kinds of things if you have the energy and time - celery, onions, garlic, chives, tiny diced carrot bits, parsley, ham bacon; but it’s the peas … [Read more...]

30 Winter Holiday Recipes & Craft Ideas

Our Most Popular Winter Holiday Recipes & Crafts

'Tis the season for gift making and party planning! Time to get that oven going and start baking your favorite holiday treats. Here are 24 of our favorite holiday recipes and handmade gift ideas. Check out all of our holiday recipes and d.i.y. projects here. Cookie Recipes: Snowball Cookies Gingerbread Cookies Homemade Fig Bars Gooey Butter Cookies Candy Recipes: Homemade Malt Balls Almond Roca Homemade Rock Candy Cream Cheese Mints Drink … [Read more...]