Saturday Sips! Autumn Sangria, Two Ways

Autumn Sangria, Two Ways | The Evermine Blog |

Typically made with a base of red wine combined with fruit juice, fresh fruit, soda water and sometimes brandy, Sangria is a beverage that’s primarily served and consumed in the warmer months of summer while the fruit can be freshly picked and an ice cold libation is most welcome. However, despite the cooling weather, we… 

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Saturday Sips! Hot Apple Cider, Three Ways

Apple Cider 3 Ways | The Evermine Blog |

Apple cider is a quintessential fall staple, and it’s even more cozy when you warm it up with flavorings, spices and spirits. Whether you’re making home-pressed cider from apples growing in your orchard (lucky you!) or purchasing a gallon of ready made cider from the store, we’ve got three unique and delicious ideas for preparing… 

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Saturday Sips! Flavor-Infused Bloody Marys

Flavor-Infused Bloody Mary | The Evermine Blog |

Tomatoes are in peak season right now, so we wanted to take advantage of the harvest with a twist on the oh-so-popular Bloody Mary cocktail. Spicy, flavorful and full of color, Bloody Marys are the perfect adult-beverage to ease the seasonal transition from late summer to early fall. One of the best things about this… 

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Saturday Sips! The GBC (Gin, Basil and Cucumber)

Saturday Sips! The GBC

Basil and cucumber are in peak season right now, so we wanted to feature a recipe for this week’s Saturday Sips post that would utilize both ingredients to make an easy drink for those of you who are growing gardens this summer. Luckily, we didn’t have to look too far to find the perfect idea:… 

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Saturday Sips! The Bee’s Knees

Saturday Sips! The Bee's Knees with Orange and Lavender-Infused Gin

Happy Saturday, everyone! Since this is our first Saturday Sips post of the summer, we thought we’d start the season off with an easy old favorite: The Bee’s Knees cocktail. The Bee’s Knees is traditionally made by mixing gin with a honey-based simple syrup and a squeeze of lemon, but we’re going to shake things… 

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Saturday Sips! The Rhubarb Mojito

Saturday Sips! Rhubarb Mojitos

With summer just a short week away, we couldn’t help but dream about lazy days lounging by the water with a cocktail (or mocktail) in hand. That’s why we’ve decided to start a brand new blog feature – Saturday Sips! – to share some of our favorite seasonal beverage recipes in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic… 

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