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The Liberty Beer + Drink Collection

Evermine's newest style for beer and drink packaging.


Introducing Liberty, Evermine’s new design created exclusively for beer and drinks! This style comes in three vibrant colors - red, deep blue, and sunburst - and is available in eight coordinating shapes you can customize for any party or event. And like all our beer and drink labels, this line features: Waterproof Labels that won't sog when they get wet. They're also super easy to remove in case you want to reuse or recycle the bottles later. Beer Bottle Collars and Text Labels … [Read more...]

Homemade Kombucha


Kombucha is delicious, naturally fizzy, and full of probiotics that are fantastic for your digestive system. Unfortunately, a 16 oz. bottle of kombucha from the store usually falls somewhere between $3-4, which is a lot of money to spend if you want to drink it every day like I do. To cut down on costs, I’ve been making my own kombucha at home, and have now reached the point where I’m producing enough to share with friends and family members who are interested in trying it out for … [Read more...]

Almond Milk Recipe

Homemade Almond Milk from My Own Ideas blog #recipe #drink #beverage #healthy

Lately I’ve been trying to cut down on my dairy intake, so I’ve been replacing my normal cow’s milk with alternatives like almond milk. Unfortunately, most brands of almond milk that are readily available in my area tend to be made with ingredients (like carrageenan) that aren’t good for the gastrointestinal system. Plus, if you aren’t lucky enough to catch it on sale, a half-gallon of store bought almond milk can cost quite a lot more than if you were to just make it at home. In … [Read more...]

Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi recipe from My Own Ideas blog

During the hot days of summer, I often crave a cold beverage to help cool me down. This year, after ordering a mango lassi from a local Indian restaurant, I discovered how easy and tasty this beverage is to make at home. It is as rich and creamy as a milkshake, but a lot healthier for you, and the cardamom gives it a surprisingly delicious, cooling aftertaste that lingers long after the beverage is gone. You can make this drink according to the recipe to serve two, or you can double the … [Read more...]

Flavored Water Party Recipes


Low calorie flavored water is all the rage in grocery stores but you can save yourself the big bucks, and those artificial flavors, by making your own at home. You would be surprised how easy it is to grab a pair of scissors and head out to the garden to find a few things to jazz up plain old water. Herbs such as mint, lemon balm, borage, and basil all take water up a notch in an instant. Fruits and vegetables will also naturally add pizzazz without adding anything chemical. In addition to … [Read more...]

Picnic Birthday Smoothie


(Used in this project: Square Labels in Tiny Hearts style.) Life’s a Picnic! Ok...not always, but my daughter’s 'picnic' themed birthday sure was! We set out with mini picnic baskets filled with a wholesome, healthy lunch complete with a mini bagel sandwich, fresh, juicy cherries, and of course chocolate cake! The highlight of our picnic decor was the personalized label that decorated each glass bottle, wishing my daughter a Happy birthday! It was the special detail that was just in … [Read more...]

Summer Recipes & Craft Ideas


Happy Summer Solstice! Time to head to the beach, to the backyard, to the park- anywhere as long as I'm outside enjoying the sunshine. To celebrate warm weather I've collected my favorite summer recipes and DIY ideas from the My Own Ideas blog. Enjoy! Summer Drink Recipes Fruit Infused Lemonade Cucumber Cooler Homemade Soda Syrups Herb Infused Vodka Summer Snack Ideas Fig and Olive Tapenade Nacho Cheese Sauce Baked Veggie Chips Roasted Garlic … [Read more...]

Mocktail and Cocktail Mason Jar Lemonade


(Used in this project: Circle Labels, Small Diamond Tags, and Heart Shaped Tags in Royal Suite Style.) It's not just the kids who enjoy a fun and fruity beverage in a pretty container with a bendy straw! I learned this first hand at a recent BBQ where we had a mix of big and little kids, and a variety of tastes to cater to. I like to make one welcome drink for my guests when they arrive, something seasonal and tasty that sets the tone for the event. For my summer season kick off BBQ, … [Read more...]

Hot Chocolate Truffle Balls


For Valentine’s Day this year, I thought I’d remind my friends and family how much I love them with a sweet chocolate treat to warm their mugs. These truffle balls are made with two simple ingredients, chocolate and heavy cream, and take very little time to prepare. Despite their simplicity, they make the best cup of hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted. Hot Chocolate Truffle Balls • 1 Trader Joe’s Pound Plus Dark Chocolate Bar (or 17.6 oz dark chocolate), chopped • 1 1/3 cups … [Read more...]

Hot Chocolate On A Stick


Who can resist a warm cup of hot chocolate in the winter time? When there's a chill in the air it always has a way of making me feel warm and cozy, so with the holidays fast approaching I wanted to pass on a little warmth to friends and family with some homemade hot chocolate on a stick. I saw this idea for the first time last year and knew that I needed to bookmark it for this winter. For a basic hot chocolate on a stick I used the recipe from More Design Please. It's easy and all you need … [Read more...]