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Squirrely Dog Cookies

Squirrely Dog Cookies from My Own Ideas blog #recipe #pet #homemade #gift

There is no shortage of squirrels in my garden. I admit that I send the dogs to the yard to chase them away from digging up my crocus bulbs and strawberry plants. Then I scold them for running after creatures on our walks. It's confusing and not all that nice (sorry pups!) so I decided to make it up to them by baking them some squirrels that they can actually catch, and that taste delicious. Ingredients: Makes approximately 48 squirrels • 2 cups rolled oats • 3 cups whole wheat … [Read more...]

Tank’s GoodBoy Treats


I have known and loved many dogs in my life, and lately I’ve been spending time with my best friend’s dog, Tank. Tanqueray “Tank” O’Leary is an 80-pound weimeraner and german shorthair mixed lap dog. He is a supremely smart dog, and is very particular about which treats he puts effort into receiving- even depending upon his mood. We are constantly training Tank to hold back his forceful enthusiasm toward guests, cats, and the lizards found commonly in our backyard. The goal is to … [Read more...]

DIY Bird Feeder

A fun craft to make and give...


Calling all bird lovers! Did you know that February is National Bird Feeding Month? To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to create a little DIY Bird Feeder tutorial. I remember making pinecone bird feeders in Girl Scouts when I was young. While looking online for other ideas, I found this post on Pretzel Bird Feeders and decided to make some. This is a great craft to do with kids because its so easy and fun to make. While I was standing in the kitchen, my fingers covered in peanut butter, I … [Read more...]

Dog Bonze

Dog bonze 656 web

Fact #1: our dog, Paki, loves to munch on bones (like all dogs I guess). Fact #2: dogs are adored by their owners. Add these two facts together, and you’ve got Dog Bonze – a great hostess gift for dog-loving friends. Taking Paki’s love of bone-munching as the place to start, I decided to make the treats hard and crunchy, as bone-like as possible, plus with plenty of attractive and satisfying flavor. To achieve the hard and crunchy, I used plain white flour with an addition of … [Read more...]