Homemade Popcorn Balls


This year for Halloween, I’ve decided to bring one of my favorite fall snacks, homemade popcorn balls, to my friend’s costume party. Popcorn balls are great treats to make for events like these because you can decorate them in as simple or as complicated a way as you want. You can serve them as-is for… 

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Candy Corn Bark


We’re throwing a Halloween party at the office this year! Everyone is encouraged to dress up and bring in something to celebrate. I’m always on the lookout for treats I can make myself, in place of store bought goodies. Candy Corn Bark is a simple and fun sweet to bring to any gathering and give… 

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Spook Halloween Party


What I love most about Halloween is that it can be tailored for all ages. You can host a fun, colorful party for kids or a spooky cocktail party for adults. Plus ideas for party themes are endless. You can host a festive Halloween Spooktacular, a scary Monster Bash, or a fancy Graveyard Gala. Every… 

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DIY Packaged Candy Favors


I love coming up with new ideas for packaging gifts and party favors. For Halloween this year I plan to hand out these fun packages of Reeses candy (my favorite). What makes this favor special is the custom labels added to both the candies and the package. And once you’ve gathered all your supplies, they… 

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Scarecrow Cupcakes

Scarecrow Cupcakes #homemade #kids #halloween #autumn #recipe #diy #labels #printables

In with the luscious colors, the sweet chilly breezes, and the yearning to bundle up that fall brings, I have the pleasure of celebrating many of my dear friends’ birthdays. My best friend Blythe, of over 20 years, is celebrating her birthday—and when I saw these creative cupcakes, I was inspired by how fun they… 

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New! Spook Party Invitations


Set the mood for spooky with these new Halloween party invitations in Spook style! Available in 4 ghoulish colors this invite will surely spark some excitement in your guests and add some mystery to your night of fright. Before sending out your invites, don’t forget to adorn your envelopes with custom postage stamps and envelope… 

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New! Jack-O-Lantern Party Invites


Introducing new Halloween party invitations in Jack-O-Lantern style! Now you can share the excitement of your annual spooktacular by mailing out these colorful party invitations. Available in 3 fun colors with coordinating art and the option of including a photo on the invite – perfect for showing off your favorite costume! Before sending out your… 

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Pumpkin Seeds Halloween Birthday Favor

Pumpkin Seeds Halloween Birthday Favor #recipe #homemade #labels #packaging #gift

Our Taylor turns eight on Halloween, so we are making some little favors for the party using (of course) a classic Halloween goodie, pumpkin seeds. Crunchy and slightly salty! Caylie and I made them, and they are, of course, simple and adorably cute. Use organic shelled pumpkin seeds if you can find them. A few… 

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Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Party


Introducing the brand new halloween style, Jack-O-Lantern! Now you have everything you need to throw a colorful Halloween Spooktacular. Decorate your party with customized labels, favor tags and coasters. Available in 3 colors, all with different coordinating art like candy (shown in this post), stars and moons, and bats and spiders. Plus now you can… 

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Pumpkin Pie-In-A-Jar


For Halloween this year, we’re hosting a pumpkin-themed party to slim down our enormous squash harvest from the family garden. We’ll be serving pumpkin soup with pumpkin biscuits, drinking pumpkin juice, and for dessert? You guessed it: pumpkin pie. Although we’re baking full-sized pies for the party, I thought it’d be fun to send our… 

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