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Inside Chana’s Art Room


My favorite little place in the world: My desk with my imagination. I waited for many years for this table and for my 15 year anniversary I received this desk as a gift from my husband. It's not just a craft table… it's space. Space to dream, to imagine, to create, to ponder, to wonder, to embrace my inner thoughts and watch them come alive. I love that this table has height. Not just because I'm short and enjoy the added inches without heels but because it seems closer to that special … [Read more...]

Customer Wedding Story: Jana & Michael


We are excited to share our first ever customer wedding story! Jana contacted us to say how much she loved using My Own Labels for her wedding favors and was nice enough to give us some details about her wedding and send us beautiful photos from her special day. We hope you enjoy reading her story! -- Michael and I met in October 2009 at my brother’s wedding. We had both flown in to Australia from Hong Kong (Michael) and London (me) respectively. Michael was one of my brother’s … [Read more...]

Mountain Mommas

A Customer Story


One of my favorite things about working at My Own Labels is seeing some of the great ideas our customers come up with. Recently, a coworker showed me a recent coaster order. They chose our Caption style featuring an amazing photo of a group of women wearing bright colored rain jackets in a Utah canyon. Both of us agreed it was a great photo and there had to be a great story behind it. So I contacted the customer, Kristin from Nashville, TN and was thrilled at her eagerness to share her … [Read more...]

The Giggle Girls

A story of true friendship...


I recently came across a customer order for The Giggle Girls wine labels and knew there was a great story behind it. So I contacted Susan from West Roxbury, Massachusetts and asked her about her order. She responded with this amazing story: "The Giggle Girls are a group of five lovely ladies who met at Revere Beach in 1948, and have been the best of friends ever since. Back when The Giggle Girls founded their 'club' the dues were 5 cents and their motto was "we need to eat". That was … [Read more...]

Pup Wedding Wine

Our Customer Favorites


At My Own Labels we love seeing the amazing and hilarious ideas our customers come up with. One of my favorites is wedding wine labels that feature pets! Fellow dog owners know that it's impossible to celebrate without our favorite pup right there with us. As you can see in the above photo, some people go as far as dressing them up! I think adding these hilarious photos to a wedding makes the event that much more fun and truly memorable! Here are a few more recent customer orders for your … [Read more...]

Save-the-Date Coasters!

A Customer Story


At My Own Labels, we love seeing unique ideas from our customers. I especially love this idea of sending Save-the-Date coasters for an upcoming wedding! Christine from Gresham, Oregon ordered the Cool Palms style coasters in Bahama Blue. To customize it she added extra text to have all the necessary Save-the-Date info included right on the coaster. Christine was so happy with her order that she wrote up a little review about us too! Here's what she has to say... "I love this place! My fiancee … [Read more...]

Ball & Chain Brew

A Customer Story


After 15 years of marriage you have to have a sense of humor like Tami and her husband. As an anniversary gift, Tami and a few friends came up with the idea to give her husband a homemade "Ball and Chain Brew". A beer complete with a label of their wedding photo and even a few inside jokes. And to remember how far they have come in their 15 years of being blissfully shackled together they even turned their label into a magnet that they keep on their fridge! Whether it's friends, family, … [Read more...]

50 Years Together

A Customer Story


This past fall, Karen Sher of Prior Lake, Minnesota, hosted a party for her parents to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. In the midst of her party planning, she decided she wanted to give a hostess gift to her parents, family and friends that would be attending. She knew she wanted it to be something that was both unique and personal. The first idea that came to mind were personalized wine labels. After searching Google for label makers, she found My Own Labels offered the most style … [Read more...]

Baby Shower Favors

A Customer Story


"A little bit of her, a little bit of him." That adorable saying inspired Deborah Kavanaugh of Stillwater, NY to create these blueberry jam favors for her sister-in-law's baby shower. Her husband came up with another saying, "A little jam... For the bun in the oven," a perfect phrase for packaging up Deborah's homemade jam into an adorable baby shower party favor. The guests at the shower loved the unique favors! Last summer, Deborah made homemade jam as favors for her wedding and now friends … [Read more...]

Kid Designed Wedding Coasters

A great way to include kids in the wedding planning

Kids coasters 656_4490

When Elizabeth Arps of Maine and her fiance Allen started planning their wedding they knew that they wanted to include their children in the planning. But how do you get young kids involved without ending up serving hot dogs and root beer at the reception? Elizabeth came up with the great idea to have them draw pictures! They had the kids draw pictures of the bride, groom and family. Elizabeth and Allen drew pictures, too, because they didn’t want to miss out on the fun. The pictures … [Read more...]