DIY Candy Gift Bags

DIY Candy Gift Bags for Kids

So, making candy gift bags for 100 children is more than a good dose of a sweet tooth. These frosted tin-tie bags add to the fun of the party as they give a soft hint as to the delightful treats that hide inside. Soft shadows of candy sticks, gum balls and sour sticks look beautiful… 

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Simple Gift: ‘Soda-lighted’ Soda Block Party Favors

Soda-Lighted You're My Neighbor!

Block parties are a great way to get to know the people who also call your street home. Where neighbours are friendly, there is an increased sense of community, reduced crime, and pride of ownership (or rentership!). This is why there is a community small grants program where I live where neighbours get together and… 

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Simple Gifts: Vanilla-Coconut Sugar Scrub

Homemade Vanilla-Coconut Sugar Scrub

This easy four-ingredient sugar scrub is simple to make and inexpensive. It’s the perfect homemade gift for girlfriends or family. I plan to use mine as a housewarming gift, birthday gift and a hostess gift. You could even make these for your bridal party, or as favors for a baby shower. The gift ideas are… 

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Milestone Birthday Wine Labels

Milestone Birthday Wine Labels with personalized wine bottle labels from Evermine {}

If you’re anything like me, when a friend’s birthday comes around, you’re always excited about finding the perfect gift. However, milestone birthdays are a whole different beast. They are one of those occasions in life where people often take a moment and think Woah, look how far I’ve come! So, as far as birthday gifts… 

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Simple Gift: Individual Lemonade Packets

Simple Gift: Individual Lemonade Packets

Lemonade stands are a big part of my best childhood memories. This summer, why not make your Lemonade Stand STAND OUT! To say ‘thank you’ to customers, simply give them a longer lasting taste of lemonade with these individually packaged lemonade packets. These little packets are not only awesome to make, but even more ‘cool’… 

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Simple Gift: Summer Memory Jars

Summer Mason Memory Jars

Summer memories are the ones that last a lifetime. For a party to kick off the summer, I decided to host a BBQ and send our guests home with a “memory jar.” A simple gift personalized with a beautiful label – perfect for adults and children alike! A mason jar to hold different trinkets, memorabilia… 

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Lovely Gift Packaging For Handmade Eye Pillows


I’ve been making my own aromatherapy eye pillows inspired by my favorite felines over the past month, and they’ve been the perfect spring sewing project. I especially love working with the fragrant scents of lavender, chamomile and lemon balm. The combination smells SO good. I invite fellow crafters to visit my blog, Adventures In Making,… 

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Wedding Inspiration: Poppy Red

Wedding Favor: Herbal Spray Misters

These herbal spray misters make the perfect wedding favor for any event scheduled during the warmest months of summer. All you need are some clear miniature spray bottles (enough for each guest), water, and small bundles of fresh herbs such as rosemary, lavender, sage… anything that might look nice in a spray bottle. Put together… 

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Father’s Day Snack Jars

Father's Day Treat Jars

My husband, my father, my father-in-law, and my brother all work in an office. So, this year for Father’s Day, I decided to make some personalized snack jars for each of them, because, let’s face it, we all tend to snack while we’re on the job. The tutorial for this Father’s Day gift idea is… 

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A Yellow “Rustic Retro” Wedding

Sweet Tea Wedding Favors

Mason jars and rustic gatherings go hand-in-hand, which is why we wanted to come up with a wedding favor idea that would utilized our collection of jars while showing them off as part of the decor. Luckily, these sweet tea wedding favors are not only simple to put together, but they’ll also make a gorgeous… 

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