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New Style! Floral Baby

Stationery, tags, and labels for your baby showers and events.


We're excited to introduce Floral Baby, Evermine's newest style for baby-themed events and gifts! This playful design comes in three colors - pink, purple, and aruba - and can be used for baby birth announcements, shower invitations, party decor and so much more. Enjoy! Shop Our Floral Baby Collection: Floral Baby Labels Floral Baby Hang Tags Floral Baby Coasters Floral Baby CD/DVD Labels Baby Mint Tins Entire Baby Collection … [Read more...]

Little Girl’s 3rd Birthday


There's nothing cuter than a little girl turning three-years-old. My sweet Shaina, who is my little doll had an extra special birthday this year. We have a tradition where a girl at age 3 begins to light her own Shabbos candle (Sabbbath Candle) on Friday evening before sunset. We invited our community to join us for this special moment and to join us for a Shabbos dinner that followed candle lighting. I decorated the mini Tzedakah Box (charity box) with adhesive fabric in a floral hue with a … [Read more...]

Budget-Friendly Nougat Bar Favors


Big Hunk Nougat Bars, sold in bulk, make a delicious, budget-friendly favor idea. You can even heat them in the microwave for 12 - 15 seconds and you have instant melt-in-your-mouth, gooey sweet nougat! For a elegant favor idea, I repackaged the bars in flat cello bags with a vintage looking burlap label that matches the hues of the nougat. I am completely hooked on the 'Vintage burlap labels' because they incorporate lovely texture in the the design. Here they resemble burlap which … [Read more...]

40th Birthday Liqueur Bottle Favors

40th Birthday Liqueur Bottle Favors #labels #custom #evermine #milestone

My husband just celebrated his 40th Birthday! In our invitation to our community, to join us for a fabulous dinner celebration, we wrote: "Join us for a birthday, celebrating 100 years!". Now, you may be thinking that this is how old he may feel at 40, but in truth my husband shares a birthday with a dear friend of ours who turned 60 that same day. So, collectively, we really were celebrating 100 years! As a 'useful' decor idea to set our tables, I personalized mini alcohol beverages … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Seeds Halloween Birthday Favor

Pumpkin Seeds Halloween Birthday Favor #recipe #homemade #labels #packaging #gift

Our Taylor turns eight on Halloween, so we are making some little favors for the party using (of course) a classic Halloween goodie, pumpkin seeds. Crunchy and slightly salty! Caylie and I made them, and they are, of course, simple and adorably cute. Use organic shelled pumpkin seeds if you can find them. A few go a long way, so you will not need to get a lot. One cup makes 14-16 little envelopes of treats. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and add salt until it “tastes like the … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Style Clasp Favor Boxes


Guess what? My Own Labels clasp boxes are now available in the color Kraft! I'm in love with our new kraft clasp boxes and its been exciting coming up with fun ways to style them for different occasions. There are so many things you can do with our clasp favor boxes and here are 5 simple ways to dress them up to get you started. 1. Mini Pom Pom Make a mini tissue pom pom in any color to match or compliment your personalized labels to instantly add some character. See this tutorial on … [Read more...]

Handmade Confetti Launchers


My coworker Ruth and her husband decided to renew their vows to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. Friends and family gathered in their expansive backyard. Everything was beautifully decorated in the original colors of their wedding! My contribution to the party was to make confetti launchers to rain on them after they repeat the vows they said forty-five years ago. Supplies Needed: I found this idea on Piikeastreet.com • Craft tubes in assorted colors* • Scissors • … [Read more...]

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk from My Own Ideas blog #diy #craft #kids

My niece Lucy is visiting my home in Florida for the first time! In honor of her arrival, we decided to have a barbeque and invite all the neighborhood kids to play with my homemade chalk— one stick to play with and one to take home! Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Idea from CheeriosandLattes.com Makes Approximately 10 pieces of chalk • Plaster of paris (4 or 5 pound package) • Water • Tempura washable paint (red, blue, and yellow) • Toilet paper rolls or craft tubes • 3 … [Read more...]

Camp Memories Birthday Favors

Camp Memories Birthday from My Own Ideas blog.

Camp memories last a lifetime. And so do camp birthdays! My daughter who is turning 13 is celebrating her birthday only a couple days into summer camp. I wanted to make this birthday extra special for her, since combatting bouts of home-sickness is normal, but then there's the added aspect of celebrating a special day without family. I decided to make little birthday boxes full of 'memories' that my daughter and her bunkmates will celebrate with, and remember long past goodbyes are said. … [Read more...]

Printable Luggage Tags

Printable Luggage Tags from My Own Ideas blog

Make your own luggage tags for party favors, place cards or wedding gifts. Just download our printable Luggage Tag PDF, print on a sheet of heavy paper or cover stock and trim out. Affix a personalized label and tie off with decorative string. Add A Personalized Label: • If you choose to use the long luggage tag template (shown above), our wide (shape 34) labels and tall (shape 04) labels will fit perfectly. • Use our short luggage tag template with vertical (shape 05) labels and … [Read more...]