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5 Ways To Style Clasp Favor Boxes


Guess what? My Own Labels clasp boxes are now available in the color Kraft! I'm in love with our new kraft clasp boxes and its been exciting coming up with fun ways to style them for different occasions. There are so many things you can do with our clasp favor boxes and here are 5 simple ways to dress them up to get you started. 1. Mini Pom Pom Make a mini tissue pom pom in any color to match or compliment your personalized labels to instantly add some character. See this tutorial on … [Read more...]

Printable Luggage Tags

Printable Luggage Tags from My Own Ideas blog

Make your own luggage tags for party favors, place cards or wedding gifts. Just download our printable Luggage Tag PDF, print on a sheet of heavy paper or cover stock and trim out. Affix a personalized label and tie off with decorative string. Add A Personalized Label: • If you choose to use the long luggage tag template (shown above), our wide (shape 34) labels and tall (shape 04) labels will fit perfectly. • Use our short luggage tag template with vertical (shape 05) labels and … [Read more...]

Photo Dots

A fun way to decorate your drink glasses!

Drink Photo Dots from My Own Ideas blog #labels

(Used in this project: Small Circle Vinyl Labels in Custom and Vida styles.) Celebrate simply and with a lot of class, using little dot labels with a photo of the person-(or people)-of-the-hour. Put a photo of the special people on a small circle label, and use it to decorate champagne glasses or any number of other surfaces. Be sure to select vinyl labels, because they are easily removed from glass and metal, and can be used again. Choose a high-resolution, high quality photo of the … [Read more...]

Graduation Soda


The end of the school year is approaching and for some, graduation! My friend's daughter is a senior in high school this year - kids grow up so quickly! This time next week she'll be handed her high school diploma and take that giant leap into adulthood. As a graduation gift, I decided to give her a pack of her favorite grape soda personalized just for her. I soaked off the labels and added custom labels in her school colors from evermine.com. For the finishing touch I topped each bottle with … [Read more...]

Special Occasion Coaster Ideas


By now it should come as no surprise that our coasters are new and improved. Extra-thick and completely customizable with different styles and colors, My Own Labels coasters are sure to hold up in any situation but also create a wow factor at the same time. It's the little details that count so I've assembled five of our favorite coaster ideas for adding personalized touches to your next gathering, celebration or simple gift. 1. Birthday Celebrations Surprise a friend or family member for … [Read more...]

Graduation Candy Favors

By guest blogger, Bobbi Foster


(Used in this project: Diamond Tags in Sydney style and Diamond Photo Tags in Vida style.) Please welcome guest blogger, Bobbi Foster! Bobbi works as a designer and production manager at My Own Labels. When she's not working on new designs or styling customer orders Bobbi enjoys hiking, yoga, making pizza and all kinds of crafty things. At My Own Labels, we love making things that add a little something extra to our customers' most important celebrations. Right now, we’re in the … [Read more...]

Graduation Favors


My younger brother Dan and I were born eight years apart. In a few weeks, he will be graduating from high school and I can't believe it! It doesn't seem that long ago he was running around in diapers, playing with his Batman action figures (yes, as his big sister, I have to embarrass him!). Now he's all grown up and it's time to celebrate! Music is an interest that runs through my family. My dad played guitar, my sister played clarinet, and I played the saxophone. My brother Dan is a … [Read more...]

Simple Gifts: Packaged Gift Cards

Homemade Gifts in 30 Minutes or Less!


Easy as can be, and easy for giftees to love! Get gift cards to your favorite coffee house, bookstore, gourmet grocery or bakery, then insert them into these little glassine envelopes. Add a label that has a photo of you (or your cat, or your house, or your open kitchen window with a hot pie cooling on the sill) and a few appropriate words. We added a little extra color by cutting cards out of heavyweight paper and inserting them into the envelopes behind the gift card. Nestle the cards … [Read more...]

Homemade English Toffee


Candy making seems so mysterious. So difficult. I mean, baking bread? No problem. Cakes or cookies? Got that covered. And main dishes? Well, they've got a whole television network designed to help us figure out what to make for dinner. But candy? Scary! Seriously, they have special thermometers just for candy making! And I've heard stories about people who've had their chocolate "seize" on them in the middle of a recipe. What do you do if your chocolate "seizes?" Call 911? For … [Read more...]

Graduation Party

Personalized Goodie Bag

I'm going to admit something to you.  I'm old enough to have a child graduating from high school.  I had her when I was eight so I'm only 26 but whatever . . . It's true, my oldest daughter is leaving the nest.  She is going to go to college in Hawaii in a few months.  I'm a little melancholy about it but I'm so proud of her.  We decided to have a little party to celebrate. Because we are suffering the sticker shock of college costs,  we didn't want to spend a lot of money on the party, … [Read more...]