Saturday Sips! Flavored Waters

Saturday Sips! Flavored Waters

Flavored waters are super easy to make, and add a special touch to outdoor parties, wedding receptions, picnics and gatherings with their burst of color and subtle hint of fresh flavor. The best thing about them is that they are all-natural, and can be made by using fruits and herbs that are growing right outside… 

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Smarties Diploma Graduation Favors

DIY Smartie Diplomas

I am proud to announce that my step-son, Joshua, will be graduating middle school this year. You know what that means? He will be a high schooler soon! Where has the time gone? I thought up this cute idea for Smarties Diploma Graduation Favors while I was out and about shopping for a girlfriend’s graduation… 

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3 Simple DIY Graduation Gift Ideas


A girlfriend of mine is graduating from Oregon State University in June. She’s having a little backyard party after the ceremony, so I decided to throw together some gifts, including these three simple DIY graduation gift ideas, for her and her fellow graduates. I was able to find everything I needed at the Dollar Tree:… 

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Graduation Favor: Monitor Cleaner and Mini Spray


Graduation, a fantastic milestone to be celebrated! My daughter is part of a worldwide online homeschooling program, and ‘goes to school’ on a computer. She has many friends from around the world, and has met up with them at overnight camps and in New York for an official graduation trip. My daughter and her online… 

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Graduation Idea: Cupcake Toppers

Graduation Cupcakes

When it comes to cupcakes, whether you’re making them from scratch or using a store bought cake mix, they tend to make the ideal party treat for graduation-themed events. Not only are they easy to prepare, but they also travel well and provide a flexible base for sprinkles, cupcake toppers, and other small party decorations…. 

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5 Ways To Style Clasp Favor Boxes


Guess what? My Own Labels clasp boxes are now available in the color Kraft! I’m in love with our new kraft clasp boxes and its been exciting coming up with fun ways to style them for different occasions. There are so many things you can do with our clasp favor boxes and here are 5… 

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Printable Luggage Tags

Printable Luggage Tags from My Own Ideas blog

Make your own luggage tags for party favors, place cards or wedding gifts. Just download our printable Luggage Tag PDF, print on a sheet of heavy paper or cover stock and trim out. Affix a personalized label and tie off with decorative string. Add A Personalized Label: • If you choose to use the long… 

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Photo Dots

Drink Photo Dots from My Own Ideas blog #labels

(Used in this project: Small Circle Vinyl Labels in Custom and Vida styles.) Celebrate simply and with a lot of class, using little dot labels with a photo of the person-(or people)-of-the-hour. Put a photo of the special people on a small circle label, and use it to decorate champagne glasses or any number of… 

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Graduation Soda


The end of the school year is approaching and for some, graduation! My friend’s daughter is a senior in high school this year – kids grow up so quickly! This time next week she’ll be handed her high school diploma and take that giant leap into adulthood. As a graduation gift, I decided to give… 

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Special Occasion Coaster Ideas


By now it should come as no surprise that our coasters are new and improved. Extra-thick and completely customizable with different styles and colors, My Own Labels coasters are sure to hold up in any situation but also create a wow factor at the same time. It’s the little details that count so I’ve assembled… 

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