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New Style! Floral Baby

Stationery, tags, and labels for your baby showers and events.


We're excited to introduce Floral Baby, Evermine's newest style for baby-themed events and gifts! This playful design comes in three colors - pink, purple, and aruba - and can be used for baby birth announcements, shower invitations, party decor and so much more. Enjoy! Shop Our Floral Baby Collection: Floral Baby Labels Floral Baby Hang Tags Floral Baby Coasters Floral Baby CD/DVD Labels Baby Mint Tins Entire Baby Collection … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Hosting an Easter Gathering

Ideas for an Easter dinner + egg hunt.

6 Tips for Hosting an Easter Gathering

We love any excuse to host a gathering with friends and family, and Easter is no exception. It can be hard to come up with ideas, though, so we thought it would be fun to share a few fun elements we’ve put together at Evermine for an Easter dinner + Easter egg hunt extravaganza! Hopefully our ideas will be helpful for you if you happen to be hosting a party and you’re looking for inspiration. 1. Pick a theme: “Easter” is a theme in itself, but because some of us at Evermine happen … [Read more...]

New Year’s Eve Party Favors: Midnight Kisses


The perfect New Year's Eve party calls for the perfect favors. These Midnight Kiss party favors are both clever and fun to make. Pass them out to all your guests as you count down to midnight! Midnight Kiss Party Favors Supplies Needed: • Cardboard tubes • Tissue paper • Ribbon • Custom rectangle labels • Chocolate kisses Wrap each toilet paper tube in tissue paper and secure with tape. Gather one end and tie closed with ribbon. Fill the tube with chocolate kisses and … [Read more...]

Winter Sleepover Party Favors


Ok. So aren't some of your best memories as a child, the fun sleepovers you had? Those late nights, the chatter, the friendships that blossomed and yes… the bags under the eyes! It was all part of the fun, so why not create a winter sleepover party for the kids. Here I have planned a very cozy winter sleepover with hot cocoa and marshmallows, personalized with 'denim' looking labels and gift tags. These packages are kid friendly and will really hit the spot for that cup of warmth in the … [Read more...]

Scarecrow Cupcakes

Scarecrow Cupcakes #homemade #kids #halloween #autumn #recipe #diy #labels #printables

In with the luscious colors, the sweet chilly breezes, and the yearning to bundle up that fall brings, I have the pleasure of celebrating many of my dear friends’ birthdays. My best friend Blythe, of over 20 years, is celebrating her birthday—and when I saw these creative cupcakes, I was inspired by how fun they would be to make with kids. Blythe is a substitute teacher and I had to make them for her party, as well as pass along the idea for her to do with one of her … [Read more...]

New! Jack-O-Lantern Party Invites


Introducing new Halloween party invitations in Jack-O-Lantern style! Now you can share the excitement of your annual spooktacular by mailing out these colorful party invitations. Available in 3 fun colors with coordinating art and the option of including a photo on the invite - perfect for showing off your favorite costume! Before sending out your invites, be sure to decorate your envelopes with custom postage stamps, return address labels and envelope seals. Look for bright colored … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Seeds Halloween Birthday Favor

Pumpkin Seeds Halloween Birthday Favor #recipe #homemade #labels #packaging #gift

Our Taylor turns eight on Halloween, so we are making some little favors for the party using (of course) a classic Halloween goodie, pumpkin seeds. Crunchy and slightly salty! Caylie and I made them, and they are, of course, simple and adorably cute. Use organic shelled pumpkin seeds if you can find them. A few go a long way, so you will not need to get a lot. One cup makes 14-16 little envelopes of treats. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and add salt until it “tastes like the … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Style Clasp Favor Boxes


Guess what? My Own Labels clasp boxes are now available in the color Kraft! I'm in love with our new kraft clasp boxes and its been exciting coming up with fun ways to style them for different occasions. There are so many things you can do with our clasp favor boxes and here are 5 simple ways to dress them up to get you started. 1. Mini Pom Pom Make a mini tissue pom pom in any color to match or compliment your personalized labels to instantly add some character. See this tutorial on … [Read more...]

Handmade Confetti Launchers


My coworker Ruth and her husband decided to renew their vows to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. Friends and family gathered in their expansive backyard. Everything was beautifully decorated in the original colors of their wedding! My contribution to the party was to make confetti launchers to rain on them after they repeat the vows they said forty-five years ago. Supplies Needed: I found this idea on Piikeastreet.com • Craft tubes in assorted colors* • Scissors • … [Read more...]

Carrot Cookies in Oreo Dirt


Always on the lookout for cute treat ideas for kid parties, I stumbled across this adorable carrot in dirt idea while browsing on TheKitchn.com. I’d been planning for yet another outdoor get together, this time with Denise’s nephews— these cookies are perfect. I made a few of my own changes for Tyler and Ryan’s little boy messy party at the clubhouse in our neighborhood. Carrot Shortbread Cookies Adapted from 101Cookbooks.com • 1 ¾ cups all purpose flour • ¼ teaspoon … [Read more...]