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DIY Gift Idea: Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Brown Sugar Body Scrub #recipe #diy #homemade #gift #labels

The cold winter months have a tendency to dry out my skin, so it’s nice to have a few tricks to combat the brittle weather. Aside from deep moisturizing lotions and body butters, one of my favorite tricks is homemade sugar body scrubs that are full of natural oils and vitamin E. The sugar helps exfoliate dead cells, and the oil will moisturize your skin and leave it feeling nice and soft all day. If you buy a sugar scrub at the store, it can cost upward of $20-30 dollars, so I like to make … [Read more...]

Coffee Kitchen Soap


We are all aware of those wonderfully delicious foods that leave a less than desirable scent on our hands after preparation. Red onions, tuna, scallions, tilapia, chives, all are staples in my kitchen—Oy vey! Knowing I am not the only cook that loves unfortunately sulfuric foods, this odor-neutralizing kitchen soap is a fantastic gift for my like-minded friends and family. The recipe on Heart~Hands~Home blog started my interest, however I went the easier route to avoid using Lye and a … [Read more...]

Jasmine Green Tea Soap


Walking into my grandmother’s bathroom was akin to visiting a shrine to femininity. All the surfaces were decorated to suit her sense of beauty and womanhood; lavish flowers, sensual perfume bottles, fragrant soaps, and distinctly female-inspired art on the walls. However, it was never too much, always just enough. Every visit, I thought, this is what its like to be a woman, this is what she keeps for herself; aside from raising children, supporting her life-partner, and keeping the home. My … [Read more...]

Sweet Ginger Skin Polish


The daylight is waning, the wind blows more briskly, and I am staying inside to get cozy! Winter is here. This shivery season brings loved ones together to share in quality time. Planning for how I want to show my appreciation for my lovely sister -a new mother- reminded me that this time of year is also about luxurious indulgence! I have always used regular sugar for exfoliation in the shower, and now I want to share the experience with a twist of warming ginger. This sugar scrub is … [Read more...]

Satin & Birch


We always love to see customer orders from new entrepreneurs. Recently a small shop called Satin & Birch ordered labels for their beautiful soaps and they were kind enough to send us samples of their product. I can't express how delicately detailed and beautiful these soaps are! I've made my own soaps many times, but none can compare with these! I think these would make the most darling wedding gifts or bridal shower favors. Unfortunately, the Satin & Birch Etsy shop is currently … [Read more...]

Golden Soaps

One of the easiest handmade favors to make!


When I began making soaps I had no idea how easy they would be, and now it is one of my favorite small gifts because they are so rare and personal - and really, really easy. One day I will make real from-scratch soap. This is the shortcut method, using purchased soap base and yellow coloring. Making soap from scratch is difficult and time consuming - I'm not saying this is a reason to avoid it, but it is my reason for doing it another day. In the meantime, you can make some pretty little … [Read more...]

DIY House Cleaners

Part One


Hibernation season is officially over! Now that spring has arrived, it's time to sort through all of the clutter, dust and dirt that has been piling up in our homes throughout the winter months. However, instead of using those expensive, chemical-laden housecleaners this year, try making your own DIY cleaners. Not only are they economical and sustainable, but they're also healthier for you and the environment. DIY Cleaners are actually really simple to make. The common ingredients for most … [Read more...]

Fizzy Bath Bombs

Fizzy Bath Bombs

Alan Kiraly (from the web programming department), and his wife, Michaeline, made these bath bombs at home for their Christmas gifts. Alan says they were simple and easy to make, and fun because you use your hands - you get the baking soda and essential oils on your hands and it feels good and smells nice. It is also fun to choose the scent combinations, and best of all it's easy to do. To make your own bath bombs, you first go down to the store and check out the different essential … [Read more...]

Dog Soap

All natural pet care products that look as good as they work

Dog Soap

Michelle Palmquist  is the mind behind this genius. She makes custom soaps and sells them at local farmer's markets and on-line at The Custom Soap Shop and Dogspaw.us. Michelle is also a dog owner who likes to pamper her pooch.  "I started the new line of doggie products because I had such a hard time finding things for my dog that were reasonably priced and made with natural oils, and since I was already making specialty products for our dog, I thought, "why not share these great products … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Spa Basket


Mother's Day is just around the corner. I love Mother's Day because my kids and husband love to spoil me! My favorite gifts are always things that are homemade. And if the gift is designed to pamper me? All the better! This lovely collection meets both of those criteria. Plus, once you know how to make the bath salts and soap, you can make them anytime at all. You could even make them for yourself! Shhhh . . . don't tell! This is a fun gift to make, especially with friends or for … [Read more...]