Anniversary CD Favors

Anniversary CD

The style Apothecary Neat just released a few weeks ago, and we are obsessed. The minimalist design is very versatile and it comes in 12 amazing colors. We especially love the option of uploading two photos to a CD label. There are dozens of ways to take advantage of this feature, but we thought it would be absolutely perfect for an anniversary celebration favor.

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Anniversary CD   Anniversary CD

What you need:

Anniversary CDInstructions:

  1. Gather your supplies. When ordering our CD labels, we asked Jeanne and David for an old photo and a new photo so we could upload them to the label.
  2. Place the labels on your CDs. These labels are extremely sticky, so take care in positioning them.
    Our discs were originally orange so when we placed the labels, a little bit of this color peeked through. I personally liked it because it provided a subtle pop of color. However, if you’d rather not have two colors on your CD, purchase discs that are about the same color as your labels.
  3. Slide the CD into a glassine envelope.
  4. Wrap a ribbon around the CD and envelope.
  5. Place one tag through one side of the ribbon.
  6. Tie the ribbon into a bow. Move the tag so it rests just beneath it.
  7. And that’s it! Place your CD favors somewhere where your guests can pick one up before they leave.
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*Disclaimer: please note that it’s copyright infringement to distribute music even if it’s purchased. You must have a license to distribute.

Anniversary CD

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