Froebel Star Garland


Once and a while you get to go to one of those parties that is just extra special, and extra special parties deserve extra special decorations. I was thinking about Snow Ball, a folk dancing Christmas ball held one snowy night, in December up in a cozy remote lodge in the mountains when I decided…

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Easy Envelope Embellishments


A brief glance at my blog posts here so far would reveal my love of mailing things. So it’s no surprise that I am super excited about the new line of invitations being offered by My Own Labels, for what do you do with invitations but mail them! One thing that I find very exciting…

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DIY Spring Greeting Cards


Spring is coming and I am pretty excited about it! I have lived in many different places and when people ask me if Portland is really that rainy, I joke that Portland has only two seasons: “Raining” and “Not Raining”. And spring in Portland usually falls firmly in the “Raining” part of the year. So…

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DIY Art Coasters


A favor idea for your next party: add your own art coasters! This is a neat idea for a party or get together for children or adults. Order some coasters, supply pens and then watch the creativity flow. At the end of the party you can round them up and perhaps take a few photos…

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Birthday Cupcake Toppers


My Dad’s birthday was just this last week and he is turning fifty-five. As much as I would like to bake a cake that could hold 55 candles, help light all those candles and help eat all that cake, it really isn’t practical. Thinking about ways that I could decorate his cake, celebrate his age…

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