Crunchy Tuna Cat Treats

Crunchy Tuna Cat Treats | Evermine Blog |

I will admit, I’m a bit of a crazy cat lady. There’s just something about those moody, independent fur-balls that I can’t seem to get enough of. That’s why I decided to whip up some homemade cat treats for my favorite felines, Simba (the fat orange tabby) and Dinah (the tiny brown tabby). After the… 

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Dog Biscuits with Animal Flavor

Dog Biscuit with Animal Flavor Recipe | Evermine Blog | #pets

I never was a dog person until I met Monkey, my sweetie’s Australian shepherd. Monkey showed me how genuinely loving a dog can be, how much fun it is to watch him just doing dog things. And maybe because he’s such a picky eater, he’s shown me how much fun it is to give a… 

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Tank’s GoodBoy Treats


I have known and loved many dogs in my life, and lately I’ve been spending time with my best friend’s dog, Tank. Tanqueray “Tank” O’Leary is an 80-pound weimeraner and german shorthair mixed lap dog. He is a supremely smart dog, and is very particular about which treats he puts effort into receiving- even depending… 

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DIY Bird Feeder


Calling all bird lovers! Did you know that February is National Bird Feeding Month? To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to create a little DIY Bird Feeder tutorial. I remember making pinecone bird feeders in Girl Scouts when I was young. While looking online for other ideas, I found this post on Pretzel… 

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