Cucumber Sandwiches for a Baby Shower #favor #recipe #homemade #party #baby(Used in this project: Oval Labels in Champagne style and Paper Tin-Tie Bags.)

The calling card of a girly, dainty party is the cucumber sandwich. I’ve seen them from time to time, but never tried them, until I attended a coworker’s baby shower— surely the greatest reason for a girly, dainty party is the arrival of a new baby! Cucumber sandwiches are surprisingly flavorful and refreshing— and of course wonderfully healthy. After experimenting with a bunch of different flavor combinations, I’m ready to impart the recipe I brought for the girly, dainty, baby shower I attended for my friend Anne.

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Cucumber Sandwiches for a Baby Shower #favor #recipe #homemade #party #baby

Cucumber Sandwiches

• Loaf of pumpernickel bread
• Loaf of whole wheat bread
• 6 large cucumbers
• 1 medium red onion
• 2 pounds whipped cream cheese
• 2 tablespoons garlic powder
• ½ cup mint leaves
• ¼ cup fresh dill
• 1 teaspoon olive oil

Things You’ll Need:
• Large cookie cutters
• A slicing tool, or of course, a trusty knife
• Wax paper
• A butter knife

Decide before you start slicing the cucumber whether or not you want to keep the skin, and/or the seeds. Some prefer to skin and score the cucumbers, however, I like a little roughage and leaving the skin and seeds does not compromise taste. Begin your cucumber sandwiches by slicing the cucumbers as close to ¼ inch thickness, as possible. I have a mandolin slicing-tool that makes this part a dream; but thicker cucumber pieces (again) taste great! Set the cucumber aside.

Cucumber Sandwiches for a Baby Shower #favor #recipe #homemade #party #baby

Next, mince the mint leaves, dill, and onion, add it in a small bowl with the olive oil, and microwave for 20 seconds. While stirring the cream cheese with the butter knife, slowly add the oil mixture and the garlic powder, and stir until well incorporated.

Cucumber Sandwiches for a Baby Shower #favor #recipe #homemade #party #baby"

For the fun part, scoop out about two teaspoons of your flavored cream cheese onto each slice of bread. Lay down a layer of cucumber on one side of each sandwich. Lastly, forcefully press the cookie cutter down into the middle of each sandwich. I used a large round cookie cutter, but you can also just cut the crusts off for pretty little squares.

Cucumber Sandwiches for a Baby Shower #favor #recipe #homemade #party #baby

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I wrapped each half sandwich with a strip of wax paper, held closed by a toothpick. Then place 3 or 4 halves into each tin-tie bag, with your own personalized label. Present them to your guests and enjoy the party!

Used In This Project:

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