Herbal Spray Mister Wedding Favors

DIY Wedding Favor: Herbal Spray Misters
These herbal spray misters make the perfect wedding favor for any event scheduled during the warmest months of summer. All you need are some clear miniature spray bottles (enough for each guest), water, and small bundles of fresh herbs such as rosemary, lavender, sage… anything that might look nice in a spray bottle.

Wedding Favor: Herbal Spray Misters
Put together the favors either the night before or the morning of the event. You’ll want to fill them far enough ahead of time that the herbs can infuse the water with their scent, but not so far in advance that the water color starts to change. Once they’re filled with water, all you need to do is drop in your herbs, screw on the cap, and attach your personalized favor tags. Then they’ll be ready to place on a table in a tub of ice for your guests to enjoy so they can stay cool in the heat.

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Wedding Favor: Herbal Spray Misters

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