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Here’s a lovely idea for your college or graduate school-bound loved one. Personalized bookplates and name labels make a small but meaningful token of support that won’t weigh your scholar down on their travels across the country (across the state? Across the city?) toward his or her next life chapter.

Back to School I.D. Labels | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com
After I started my medical program a few years ago, I ordered these for myself—-the bookplates to distinguish my books from the identical ones owned by my study mates, and the name labels to keep track of my medical equipment. Every profession has its tools though, and cohorts of students often end up with seemingly identical tools, instruments or notebooks. A sweet label here and there can save some confusion, time and money in replacements. And, of course, a gift is a token of support; something that is appreciated by all students.

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Back to School I.D. Labels | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com
I used the bookplates and address labels of the Cosmopolitan style in sage for a clean professional look. On the address labels, I included only the name and phone number in the first and second lines. Choosing the removable vinyl label stock makes it easy to take the labels off for book resale or for when name labels on equipment aren’t needed anymore.

Good luck to all the students out there!

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