I’m starting off this year by getting serious about saving more money for traveling so I made a savings jar to motivate myself everyday to reach my goal. I know I’m not the only one planning to save up for a little (or big) something so to inspire and motivate my friends and family to save for the things they want I’m giving each of them a personalized savings jar to give them a little push in the right direction.

• Mason jars
• Personalized labels and tags
• Dollar bills (or any amount you want for the bow)
• Printed photo that represents each person’s goal
• Bakers twine

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Start off by folding each dollar bill accordion style and then folding the accordion in half. Tie some twine around the center of the dollar, make sure the twine is long enough to tie around the mouth of the jar. After you have made each bow secure them around each jar and finish off by tying on your personalized tags and adding your labels to the lids (I used the Swing style in the grass color for my labels and tags).

To further personalize the jars I inserted a printed image that represents the savings goal of each person. Some friends are planning some major trips this year so I included a photo of the destination, for example Big Ben for London and the Colosseum for Italy. For my sister, I’m giving her a jar for each of her kids and included their photos instead. It will be a fun way for her kids to save any extra change they have with their own personal jars.

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This is a simple gift idea for the new year that I’m sure everyone will be happy to receive them. To top it all off I’m including some start off cash in each jar. Everyone will really appreciate it when you start their jar off with a couple of bucks, or more if you’re feeling generous!

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