Bath salts are a very easy, very lovely gift to make and give. They use simple ingredients, and can be easily customized to any theme or occasion, depending on your jar size and shape as well as what essential oils you choose. I love giving mine as bridal shower or baby shower gifts. Packaged in smaller bottles, they can easily be made into wedding favors too.

What You Need:
• 5 pounds Epsom salts (can be found at your local pharmacy or health store)
• 50-100 drops of essential oil such as lavender, sandalwood or grapefruit (I got mine from or you can find them at your local health store)
• Food coloring drops
• Glass jars or bottles
Gift tags & ribbon

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Pour the epsom salts into a large bowl with plenty of room to stir. Sprinkle the drops of oil and the liquid coloring all over the top of the epsom salts – don’t drop them all in one place. How much essential oils and liquid coloring should you add? That is up to you, but a good way to start is with 15 drops of each, stir thoroughly and see if you like the effect. Add more as desired, stirring thoroughly after each addition. When mixed, pour into glass containers until they are filled to the brim. Makes about 10 eight-ounce jars of bath salts, or twenty 4-ounce jars. For a single recipe, use 1 pound epsom salt, and start with 3 drops of essential oils and liquid coloring.

Once you finish filling your jars up with salt, add a ribbon and gift tag to make it extra special! I chose some circle hang tags in the style Kashmir with green ribbon to match.

Guidelines for Simple Gifts:
• Plan ahead. Think about and decide what you want to do well in advance so you can do the shopping portion of the giftmaking along with other errands. Have all materials and ingredients on hand when it is time to make the gift.
• Packaging. Pretty packaging makes any gift special. Arm yourself with a supply of small boxes or cellophane bags and ribbon. We also recommend having your own personalized tags or labels on hand. Use generic wording so they can be used on a multitude of items. For example, mom’s tags and labels say “with love from Grammie.” With no reference to what the item is, they can be used on anything!
• It is not the item itself that is special; it is the idea that you think enough about a person to prepare something personally for them. Sometimes your gift doesn’t even have to be handmade; but hand-assembled. Follow this monthly series and you will see examples of both.

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    • Cassie, glad you like them! I got the bottles at Cost Plus World Market. It was about a year ago but I have been there recently and seen bottles similar to these. I hope you have fun making this!

    • Emily, yes, technically the food coloring does dye the bath water, but it is such a tiny amount – less than a drop – in gallons and gallons of bath water, that it doesn’t show. Just so you know, ALL colored bath salts, whether homemade or store bought, dye the bath water, but you just don’t notice it because the amount of coloring is so tiny.

  1. Hello Jeanne,

    I am so glad I found this. I am planning a Spa Party for my 8 yr (will be) daughter and I absolutley love this idea, however, I am in no way shape or form good at doing things like this. Although it seem simple enough, I would like to know how much of the ingredients do you think I may need for a bottle similar to the one on your picture? I have about 10 little girls coming and I would like them to design their own fragrances and colors. If you are still checking your comments, I would really appreciate your assistance on this. Thank you for your time.

    p.s. Her bday is 3 weeks away :o)

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