2016 Wedding Trends

2016 Wedding Trends

Wedding season is just around the corner! Around here we’re predicting lots of shimmer and lovely hand lettering this year (think pretty pearlescent paper stock, and calligraphy), we also think romantic watercolor washes — which were very popular last year— will remain a popular choice this season as well.

Another growing trend we are seeing is the use of couple’s engagement photos on not only their save the dates, but their invitations as well. It’s so fun to see what our customers are doing and we feel so honored to help create the perfect stationery and matching accessories to set the tone for their big day!

We were curious to learn what other vendors in the wedding industry are expecting to see in the upcoming season—so we asked a few of our favorite Portland wedding vendors what trends we can expect to see in the upcoming season and we couldn’t be more excited to share them with you!

2016 Wedding Trends

Cakes & Desserts

I definitely think that the Buttercream texture theme will stay strong mainly due to us being in Oregon with more rustic/natural elements incorporated into weddings. I think Greenery, Succulents, and fresh fruit are becoming more popular instead of the typical flower décor.

I have also seen the addition of specialized molded embellishments (lace, textiles, filigree), gold, and painted cakes to make one-of-a-kind designs. Most of our clients are not over the top as far as designs but seem to get more adventurous with their displays- dessert tables, themed décor etc.

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Ashley Wilson, Pastry Chef + Cake Designer, Papa Haydn East

2016 Wedding Trends


2016 is going to be a very exciting (and glitzy!) year in the wedding world with many hot up and coming trends. Guests should plan to be surprised with fab entertainment like a gospel choir coming out to sing the recessional, breakdancers during the reception, an aerial dancer during cocktail hour or confetti cannons during the ceremony or reception! Talk about going out with a bang. If that is not enough, creative bars that compliment the design scheme featuring craft cocktails will be big (mezcal is all the rage at the moment in signature drinks!). In addition, chalk art will take a modern twist hitting the pavement rather than on an overdone board. Lastly, with marijuana becoming legal in many states, plan to see “weed bars” and “budtenders” included in more and more events!

Nora Sheils, owner, Bridal Bliss

Floral Design

The biggest, floral trend that I’m seeing is a move towards a more garden, organic inspired style of floral design. Lots of movement, loose shapes, the inclusion of seasonal foliage and more textural flowers all add to that look. Blush and cream are still going strong for color trends but we’re seeing more inclusion of touches of rich burgundy, and again, a lot more greenery than a few years ago.

Jordan Gladow, Owner + Lead Designer, Blum Design in Flowers

2016 Wedding Trends


Wedding season is upon us and we are so excited! As we start to plan for spring and summer weddings, we have definitely noticed some common trends:

Rustic Farm Style – This is a trend that has been popular in the last few years and continues to be popular in 2016. Our X-back farm chairs and farm tables are continuously being rented for rustic chic weddings and allows for a more family-style seating arrangement.

Succulent Monograms – Brides and grooms love the personal touch that they are able to add to these monograms. They get to choose the size and style of how their monograms are designed which allows them to add their own display of uniqueness to their big day.

Geometric Shapes – This allows for the bride and groom to add a more modern touch to their wedding. These shapes can hang from the ceiling or be great centerpieces for tabletops.

Gold – This is a color that is very trendy for weddings right now. Our gold chameleon chairs are extremely popular and go well with just about any color scheme.

Marquee Letters – We recently added large 5’ tall marquee letters that spell out L.O.V.E. to our inventory and they have been a huge hit. They draw people in and make for fun photo ops.”

West Coast Event Productions

2016 Wedding Trends


I have noticed within the last few years that I have every single bride and groom of mine, besides one, has done a first look before the wedding. I absolutely love it because it really gives the bride and groom time to connect right before their ceremony. First looks are also becoming more popular with not just the bride and groom, but also the bride seeing the bridesmaids for the first time, and the bride seeing her father for the first time. It’s fun to capture moments that can sometimes otherwise get lost in the busyness of the day.

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Another trend that I am loving is the bride and groom waiting to do their bridal images together until about an hour before sunset. It can be tricky to pull the bride and groom away from the reception, but that is when, ultimately, you are going to get the best light for photographs. I have a few couples this year that have opted for “golden hour” images and I couldn’t be happier! I hope it’s a trend that sticks around!

Stephanie Kotaniemi, Owner, SK Photography


…All the usual sources are showing a new interest in china, plates and glassware. I think linen will jump back to a basic white or ivory and we will see table top dressings become more elaborate. There are new patterns coming out constantly and new resources from LA and Seattle. Gold isn’t going anywhere, but don’t do anything shiny or people will think you are using your mom’s gold flatware. Think big plates and full place settings, chargers, bread and butter plates, the more the merrier!

— Kurt Beadell, Creative Director, VT Group
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2016 Wedding Trends

2016 Wedding Trends

Team Bride/Team Groom Buttons
Team Bride/Team Groom Buttons
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