Filigree bookplates

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Filigree bookplates - Deep Red Deep Red

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-12

Filigree bookplates - Grapefruit Grapefruit

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-26

Filigree bookplates - Blue Blue

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-27

Filigree bookplates - Sage Sage

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-28

Filigree bookplates - Sunburst Sunburst

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-29

Filigree bookplates - Periwinkle Periwinkle

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-32

Filigree bookplates - Tuxedo Tuxedo

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-33

Filigree bookplates - Green Tea Green Tea

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-34

Filigree bookplates - Pale Pink Pale Pink

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-35

Filigree bookplates - Lilac Lilac

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-36

Filigree bookplates - Bright Pink Bright Pink

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-39

Filigree bookplates - Bahama Blue Bahama Blue

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-40

Filigree bookplates - Aruba Aruba

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-42

Filigree bookplates - Tangerine Tangerine

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-43

Filigree bookplates - Burgundy Burgundy

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-45

Filigree bookplates - Deep Blue Deep Blue

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-46

Filigree bookplates - Spice Spice

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-50

Filigree bookplates - Cocoa & Pink Cocoa & Pink

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-56

Filigree bookplates - Chocolate Chocolate

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-57

Filigree bookplates - Sky Sky

$0.33 each • bulk $0.10

item: BPFG03-59

Bookplates for You to Customize!

Personalize a bookplate template today by combining your words with our styles, shapes and colors. Shipping is fast and we offer a 100% guarantee on all our products!

Creating personalized bookplate labels for gifts or for your own home library has never been easier. To order just click on a style above of your choice and then follow the guides to select a color. From there, just type in the words of your choice and you're done. (Note: All the words on the labels above are samples...your creative ideas will fill in all the words for your very own customized bookplate)

Our designers will create your bookplate labels to your specifications and custom fit your text to the design. We'll then print on pre-cut peel & stick label sheets using our custom-calibrated digital presses and ship your order to you within 1-2 business days (plus shipping time).

All our designs incorporate precision quality, careful typographic styling of your words and utilize the finest paper and printing production process available. So your custom bookplates will look amazing! And our commitment to providing products to you quickly, in combination with our high standards for customer service, means your order will look fantastic and arrive on time.

What to do next?

  • First, choose from any of our exclusively crafted styles, shapes, and colors to customize your bookplate
  • Then create your own wording in place of the examples you see pictured.
  • We'll design, print and deliver professional bookplate labels with your personal touch…sure to impress!

Custom bookplate labels are the perfect compliment to organize any library. They also make perfect gifts for a teacher's lending library, college student's bookcase, baby's nursery bookshelf and are great for a home library. Transform your gifts into unforgettable memories with personalized bookplates and products from Evermine - My Own Labels. It's never been easier!

Looking for a special bookplate for a teacher or for your child? Check out our bookplate sections created especially for them. Shop Bookplates for Teachers!   Shop Bookplates for Kids!