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I have ordered quite a few wine bottle labels from you, and really enjoy the emails you send me. I don't need anything right now, but wanted to give you a huge KUDOS on the customized postage stamps! What a great idea! I am nearly always disappointed when I go to the local post office to get a "special" stamps, because they don't have anything I really want; but now, you have these available. I will definitely keep these in mind the next time I need special stamps! Thanks!

Jenny Y.


I was impressed by your good service and great product. Thanks again.

Susan O.


I am rarely moved to take a moment out of my busy schedule to express how pleased I am with an order placed, especially with a new vendor. I AM indeed delighted with my order and it was exactly what I wanted. Evermine is definitely a keeper and I will be placing more business with you soon!

Dawn W.


I LOVE THEM!!!! Thank you so much. They are beyond perfect for my wedding.

Ashley M.


We received our custom beer labels this week.. Just in time for our family reunion. Thanks so much. They exceeded my expectations. They are fantastic!

Jed R.


The labels were absolutely perfect!!!! Everyone was so impressed! Thank you so much.

J. Bishop


I was really impressed by the speed of your service and the quality of the labels-they looked even better in reality!! However I was very disappointed as I also ordered window tin tie and the ones I received were without the window. Those bags were for party favors so it does not look as nice to my mind without the window and unfortunately it was already too late for me to return them, our I would be left with nothing for the event.... Besides that the quality of your products was very good, and if I ever need labels in the future I shall come back to you.

V. J.

Editor's note: Thank you so much for sharing your experience here. We appreciate learning you were impressed with the labels; however, we are genuinely sorry to learn that you received the wrong bags, probably due to simple human error in the fulfillment of your order. For future reference, always call us if there is a problem with your order, even if you think we will not have time to fix it. We will do whatever it takes to make sure your order is correct, even if that includes sending an overnight shipment.


Thank you guys, so much! I've told many of my fellow wine-makers how great your customer service has been! They will be sure to use you in the future! Thanks again!



I ordered my labels and prepared to wait several weeks to receive them. I got them in just a few days! The product is wonderful..... clear and vivid and exactly as your web site described them. Immediately upon ordering, I needed assistance to clarify something I had done in error and emailed....... and got an immediate and positive reply. Your customer service was outstanding and I could not be happier with this product. I will definitely pass along my great `find' and hope to use your services again in the future. Thanks so much!!!

Maureen D.


I thought the color of the labels were fine, I was not satisfied with the size of the font I thought it could have been bigger so people could see it easier. Otherwise it was fine.

Martha K.

Editor's note: Thank you for sharing your feedback here. I am sending a no charge reprint of your order with a larger font, because we genuinely want you to be thrilled with your order. When you place an order, the preview on the order screen is a very good predictor of the size of the print on your labels. For future orders, if you would like for something to print a bit differently, we encourage you to let us know using the "Special Request" button. I understand you did that for the spacing of the text, but we did not know that you would have preferred a larger text. Increasing the size or boldness of your text is very easy for us to accommodate. Update from customer: Thank you so much I will definitely use you label company in the future for the customer service you give. Thanks so much I really do appreciate it.


I enjoy the My Own Labels designs and easy use, and I especially like that I can order in small quantities.

April L.


The labels were great!! Thank you!



The labels were wonderful - thank you!

Jill L.


Just a quick note to say that you guys did a great job with my coasters - we loved them and they look awesome.

Ryan C.


When I ordered these labels, the site said that the labels would fit most standard bottled water brands, so I decided to go ahead and get them. They arrived and I took them on my trip to use for wedding favors for all of my guests. I went to the grocery store and bought 2 different types of "standard" size bottles of water and to my utter disappointment, the labels didn't fit any bottles. They are too short and need to be about 1 to 2 inches longer to wrap all the way around the bottle. Needless to say I used what I had and was very upset that your claim of the labels fitting standard size bottles just isn't true

Dan B.

Editor's note: I am so sorry to learn of your frustration. The water bottle labels fit best around eight or twelve ounce bottles and are designed to go almost, but not quite, all the way around the bottle of water. Making them slightly shorter than the full diameter helps with the alignment; you don't have to worry about the two ends lining up together. However, we appreciate that you had something else in mind. The good news is that we are committed to making you happy and I am confident we will do that. update from customer: Thank you for your response and for your commitment to quality customer service. I appreciate the well wishes for my occasion and for the resolution. I am happy to know that there are still companies out there that do care about their customers happiness and satisfaction and commend you and your team for your efforts. Thank you again for understanding my disappointment and for doing everything you have to make it right for me. With this level of customer service I will be sure to try again and order from when the time arises, except I will be sure to chat with a representative to make sure I am clear about what I am ordering and receiving.


I thought I would check my wine labels one last time before delivery to wedding planner....I glanced at Chardonnay on the case, realizing I didn't spell Chardonnay with two n's when ordering. But someone made the correction for me! "Thank You" so much for that!

Carol A.


They were done perfectly and on time. We've referred you to our other wine makers.

D. Fisk


We were sooooo happy with the CD labels we ordered!!! They came in manageable sheets of two and were easy to apply to the CDs. We ordered these for our wedding along with other labels from another company for something else and I wish that I had ordered all our labels from My Own Labels. The labels were great, easy to edit when making them and we were able to use all the labels because they were printed well with no errors unlike the other company that didn't send there labels with as much care. Thanks!!! You helped make our wedding day great!!!!

Jennifer Z.


Delighted with the end product and excellent customer service. Thank you!

Grace D.


These coasters were far better than expected. The clarity of the picture is great! Thank you so much for your prompt service.

Debbie T.


Received my order in timely manner and the product is perfect! Thanks so much!

Sherry R.


I received my order in timely manner and the product is perfect! Thanks so much!

Sherry R.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! My panic level is at an all-time with the shower being THIS Sunday. I really appreciate your help and will be sure to sing your praises! This has been a great customer service experience as a first time user!

L. D.


I loved the tags. The problem with my tags were as soon as I pulled them out, they all fell into the bottom of the bag. It wasn't the worst thing in the world but it would have been more presentable to me as the customer to see them for the first time attached to what they were sent on. I would definitely use this service again. You have gone above and beyond... The customer service could not be any better.

Erin P.

Editor's note: Erin, Thank you for your feedback. Learning that the condition of the order did not meet your expectations is quite disappointing. The hang tags are cut for easy removal and are backed by a heavy card stock to hold everything in place for shipping. We prefer this option over not fully cutting the tags and leaving them partially attached for customers to punch out. However, we love hearing your feedback, so please feel free to send any alternative solutions. Patricia Customer Service


Just wanted to say thank you for your great products - unbelievable service and attention to detail. Labels arrived as promised on Saturday and are perfect!!! You are the like LLBean of weddings! Great products, stand by your word and treat customers with kindness.

JoAnne A.


I was so very pleased with the services and products received by your company. I plan to use your business every year now for my son's birthday memorials, holidays and other special celebrations. However, I ordered the buttons with my son's picture on it to give away as keepsakes to family members at his 26th Birthday Memorial this year. I must have not looked at the size options because the buttons were very tiny when I received them. We couldn't wear the buttons like I had planned, but they made nice little memorial gifts any way. Thank you.

Kim M.

Editor's note: Thank you so much for this feedback; it helps us a lot as we strive to make your whole experience with us easy and enjoyable. First off, please accept my most sincere condolences on your loss. I love that you honor Nick with Birthday Memorials. We try to list the size of the items in as many places as we can to ensure that there are no surprises when you receive your package. I'm glad the buttons ended up being a nice little memorial gift, but am very sorry the size disappointed you. Patricia Customer Service


Our order progressed smoothly and we are very satisfied with the final product. Thanks.



The mother of the bride stopped by today to pick up the labels I had ordered. She had tears of joy! What that says about your company is that I did my job, you did yours superbly! Furthermore, the call I got when I placed my first order and this followup just shows how your company operates. It's called excellence! Thank You again!

Alfie P.


So happy with my order from Evermine!!!! Thank you!

Martha C.


I just wanted to let you know I received my labels yesterday and they are beautiful. I am so very HAPPY with the results... You have been such a blessing to me and I want you to know I certainly appreciate all you have done to please the customer. I know what it means to do that because I have been working in retail on my FT job for 33 years and on a PT in retail for about 15 years and if the customer is not happy, neither are we. There are no words big enough to let you know how thankful I am and how much I appreciate your help. THANK YOU so much.

Barbara Y.


I love them!! Thank you! :)

M. Velazquez


Wonderful. Using for wine bottles. Probably should have purchased larger size. Great quality product. Thank you.

Karen P.

Editor's note: Hi Karen, Thank you for letting us know that you found the labels wonderful. We have a great tutorial on choosing and applying the best sized label for your project here: Patricia Customer Service


Wanted to take the time to Thank you for the incredible service as well as the amazing product!! I will recommend you to `all'. It is most refreshing to find a company that still has the personal touch with an amazing product.

Patty P.


Your company is so professional and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the quality of your product!! Thank you for helping me to brand my business so professionally! I will be a life long customer Also, I spoke to a customer service rep about two weeks ago who had a question regarding my order. She was so nice and professional. If you can track the call and the person that I spoke to, please tell her that I said thank you for ensuring that my order was correct and shipped out on time. Thanks again. You guys are great!

Kimberly S.

Editor's note: Thank you Kimberly. We will certainly pass along your kind words to Julie, who helped you out with your order.


We just wanted to thank you again for re-printing our labels for us for free (even when the mistake was ours!) and always helping us out so quickly! Your customer service is the best I've experienced in a long time. I will recommend your site to all of my family and friends. Thanks again!

Casey B.


Hi - I placed an order and am very happy with the labels that were produced. Colors are as expected and are what I wanted. I do not, however, like the cellophane treat bags that I ordered. I got them to put the labels on and will use them as favors for an upcoming baby shower I am giving for a relative. The bags have a yellowish almost antique-looking tint rather than being crystal clear looking.

Judy M.

Editor's note: Thank you for your feedback. I am delighted to know that you love the labels! The cellophane bags we sell do have a bit of a tint, as they are real cellophane, a natural product made from wood; we're sorry it didn't match what you were looking for. I have arranged for you to send the bags back for a full refund. To learn more about our real cellophane bags, please visit


Very happy with my labels. Will definitely order from you again!

L. McCall


Hi - we got our delivery and love it! And we got it in the post earlier than anticipated :) Many thanks!

Michelle W.


You've shown the best customer service I have ever experienced and during this time of stress wedding planning, I cannot thank you enough! Thank you.

Rebecca B.


I recently ordered some labels (which I love) and had a duplication on my order (my fault). Travis was very helpful in verifying my credit on this order. Great job, staff, and quality as well. Thanks.

Kathy K.


I have a little Spa and Gift Basket business that I am developing and I don't have time to look all over the place for a label company...your company is it! I love your labels and the freedom of creativity you give to your customers! ...I will highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a label company or just wants to label something as their own.



I was pleased with the work not the size of the label. Very disappointed as I thought they would be larger that I could use on folders. This was my fault I should have paid attention to whether or not a size was given and I did not. Larger version options in the future would be great.

J. Obie

Editor's note: Thank you for your feedback; we really appreciate it! I am so sorry to learn that you are disappointed in the size of the labels. I am showing that you ordered the 2.75" w x 1.875" h rectangular labels. We have many larger sizes available, so I apologize if it was hard to gauge the actual size when you ordered. We try to list the dimensions in as many places as possible (the order screen, the shopping cart, your email order confirmation, etc.) but we are looking into creative ways to make the information more clear. We are more than happy to offer our money-back guarantee if you would like to return the labels. Thank you for letting us know you were pleased with the quality!


I am elated - just received the labels in the mailbox. Gives me time to put them in a small gift bag for presentation. I am so grateful for the order. They look wonderful! Again, my thanks for such great service.



I received the label order yesterday and it was perfect! Many thanks for making the last minute spelling changes. Will definitely use you in the future. Thanks!

S. Davis


The labels are great and we will be ordering more soon. Thanks.

Kelley S.


Thank you so much for your detailed, personal and very professional and customer-focused reply to my email - way to go!

A. M.


The labels are nice but they feel paper to me not the vinyl that I ordered. I was going to put them on beer bottles but feel they may just rip. Is this the way the are supposed to be? Thank you.

Susan W.

Editor's note: Thank you for checking in with us regarding your waterproof vinyl labels. Believe it or not, the labels you received are the vinyl material. We understand that when you think of 'vinyl', you are not likely to think of the beautiful matte finish appearance of our new waterproof labels. However, they are vinyl and will not rip. They will be perfect for your beer bottles. For more information about the vinyl labels, please take a look here:


I am very happy with the order. Thank you.

Zoe L.


My order looks wonderful again...



I wanted to take a minute to say thank you. My order came in today and I am so impressed! The wine labels are wonderful and I couldn't get over how fast you had them to me. They will make my sisters 40th birthday special. I will look to you for my future label needs. I will also spread the word of your great service on the east coast! :) Thanks again for such great service.



Everyone I've spoken to through the process of completing my first order has been so knowledgeable, polite, prompt and courteous...very rare qualities to find these days when dealing with "impersonal" web based businesses.

Mariann V.


I love them. I am super happy with your services. :)

M. Martinez


I did love the labels a lot.

Gladys T.


I expected the labels to be nicer and somewhat bigger, was pretty disappointed.

Elizabeth T.

Editor's note: Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for reaching out to us. We are genuinely sorry to learn that you were disappointed with your order. I located an order for coasters, not labels, and would love to hear more about what you were expecting with the coasters. Please return our call or email at your earliest convenience so we may work toward a happy solution. -Patricia, Customer Service ** I apologize, I thought this was the place I ordered the wine labels from. The coasters were a big hit and they looked amazing!!! Thank you for the follow up and again my apologies. - Elizabeth **


Just wanted to say I love my labels, great job thanks.

Sue S.


I am glad I found you versus using Vistaprint. I am very pleased with your service - thank you!

Elizabeth S.


I am glad I found you. I am very pleased with your service - thank you!

Elizabeth S.


Very happy with the product and the speed of delivery!!

Kara K.


Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service. I look forward to purchasing through your company in the future!

Melissa Y.


I received the labels and they are nice; however, I was disappointed in the quality of the labels. I was expecting the labels to be thicker and more user friendly. It appears if they are used it will be a one-time usage. Although, these are favors for a baby shower, I was looking for a more practical item. My plans are to let the guest know if they use them, they cannot withstand a liquid substance and it will not protect their furniture, which is a primary function of a coaster.

Rita C.

Editor's note: Thank you for your feedback. The coasters are made of absorbent paper in order to protect table surfaces; they are designed to soak up condensation and spills. They are disposable by design; however they are quite durable and can withstand light use if not saturated with liquids or foods. They are the perfect keepsake if kept wrapped and not used. However, we never want you to feel 'stuck' with something you are not happy with, so if you decide that you would prefer to return the coasters, we absolutely stand by our money-back guarantee.


I want to thank you for printing my recent label order in a hurry. Patricia was so helpful in shepherding my rush order (with a machine repair being done the same day). The labels arrived on time and they were just what I wanted. The quality of your work and customer service is wonderful. My recent order was a gift and he was so surprised and delighted to receive labels made especially for him. I have purchased labels from you in the past and have had the same experience. Many thanks.

Carole E.


Love them, thank you....

Charm H.


Just wanted you to know that we got the labels this morning and they are beautiful. Thank you for all your help. I will definitely spread the word about your company, your customer service is AWESOME!!!!!!!

Michelle A.


Very pleased with the quality and quick service - thank you!!

Daniel K.



D. Reyes


Loved working with, professional and great service...very pleased customer...

Elizabeth E.


I got the labels. I love them. I will be back when I do my next batch of wine

Craig S.


The labels suggested for the small bags are too large and I had to trim them to make them fit.

K. Q.

Editor's note: Hi K.Q. This feedback on your overall experience is quite valuable to us, and we do apologize that you had to go through the extra trouble of trimming the labels. While it makes for a close fit, we love the look of the large labels on the small tin tie bags as shown here We appreciate that not everyone loves the same things, so again, please accept our apologies that you did not love the look. Thank you for taking the time to let us know. Patricia, Customer Service


I have recently received an order that I placed with your company, and I am simply "wowed." Not only was the shipping fair & fast, but the product itself is OUTSTANDING and beautiful. Thank you so much, and I look forward to doing more business with My Own Labels. Great work!

Cheri P.


The labels I ordered from My Own Labels are absolutely perfect!!! Thank you for your help.

Jennifer C.


Just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for getting the green bottle hoods to me so quickly. They are going to look great with our Pinot Grigio labels.

Joe R.


You guys do a terrific job and I'll continue ordering from you!

Andrea F.


I want to send a big THANK YOU! I ordered labels which were applied to beer bottles as a party favor for my husbands 60th birthday party. They were a big hit! I was so pleased with how they turned out. I also want to thank you as I ended up at the "11th hour" needing more labels. I was so nervous that I would not receive them in time but I did! You made me very happy and my husband was so happy with all the details including the labels on the beer bottles. Thank you again and again.



I just wanted to let you know I am very pleased with my labels I purchased. This was my first order and I couldn't get over how fast I got them. I worked customer service 20 years and I must say your company is off to a great start. Excellence in every aspect from start to finish makes for a lot of returning customers and a lot of new ones as well. 5-Stars to this Company! I will be back!

Paula B.


I am very pleased with the book plates. They are beautiful and came in a timely manner. I would contact you again when I need something special.

Pam M.


I was a little disappointed with the color on the "Swing" invitation. It looks red online, but it looks more salmon/pink colored on the actual sample that was sent. Is there a way to change the color to red? I probably should have ordered a sample of the deep red invitation, but the looks of the ones online looks too maroon. My wedding colors are (pure) red and silver. Do you have anything in more of a pure red? Is it possible to get a sample of the Luxe invitation in Red or deep red?

Rachel N.

Editor's note: I am sorry to learn that you were disappointed in the color on the "Swing" invitation. It is very challenging to gauge color online as computer monitors vary so much in the display of color. And we definitely know how important color is for weddings! I have sent a sample of the "Luxe" in deep red, along with a few other deep red options. You can order as many samples as you would like and receive a credit toward your order, as shown here: The first three samples are free. Additional samples are $3.00 each. RECEIVE FULL CREDIT for your sample purchases when you place your order for invitations! Simply create an account and then log in before ordering samples. In addition, if you choose to use the Swing invitation in stone, but would like to change the color of the font and designs, we can certainly do a color change for a $15.00 fee. You could provide the Pantone color code of the CMYK color formulation to get an exact match. We would not be able to send a sample of that; a full order would need to be placed, but I can assure you that our designers do a great job! And of course, we would send you a proof. Patricia, Customer Service


The labels were great.

Diane W.


Thank you. I like what I saw. Looking forward to making more business with you.



There is a small problem with the quality of the prints... you can barely read the text, and it seems a little bit pixelated. I worked on photoshop files with at least 300dpi so I have no idea what happened with the image.


Editor's note: Hi Marybel, Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me about your labels. The delicate font that you used in your original design was lovely, but printed with the same delicate, lacy look. I know you wished for something a bit bolder for your wedding, so I am so glad to know that we were able to work out a happy solution. Many congratulations to you on your upcoming wedding. Patricia, Customer Service


Labels looked great except that they were printed at a slight offset from the center of the punch out label....this results in an approximately 1/16 inch extra solid blue material on one side of the the label which makes this offset noticeable because of the wreath design which contrasts with the blue solid color. Looks like your print settings are slightly off.

D. Maslin

Editor's note: Hi Mr. Maslin, I am so sorry to hear of the printing offset on your labels; this is most certainly not living up to our high standard. I have issued a no-charge reprint for you. Please let me know if the new labels are more centered. We so very much appreciate you taking the time to let us know. Please let me know if there is anything else I may be able to help with. Patricia


Thank you for the beautiful labels and the wonderful service I have received from My Own Labels. I am so happy with the results and recommend your company to my friends and colleagues.



Very nice! They will be that special custom detail I wanted. Thank You!

Aubrey D.


I am the least creative person (and non-techy) so finding your website was a blessing. I received an email that the order already shipped- that is amazing! Thank you, thank you!



Hello, I just wanted to write to say how pleased I am with my recent order. I have a small business and labeling has been a nightmare. Your labels looked beautiful on my products and the online design was so easy to use.Thank you very much.

Susan T.


The labels were great! My mom loved them for her 60th birthday :) Thanks again!

R. Owens


Loved the labels. They were perfect. Thank you!!!

Donna P.


I just wanted to thank your company for the excellent service I received. My order was processed perfectly and quite fast. The labels were used for my Aunt's 80th birthday party this past Saturday. They were the hit of the party and what a great look it gave to the her birthday theme. Thanks again!! I am sure to tell more of my friends about your company.

Linda M.


I was extremely pleased with my personalized coasters. The quality was great and the colors so vivid. May order some for Christmas gifts next year. You will be hearing from me again.

M. Larken


Very pleased.

Mary V.


Received the labels and they are exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much.

M. I.


We received the labels today and they look fantastic! Thanks so much and I look forward to the next order.

Dave L.


We received the labels today and they look fantastic! Thanks so much and I look forward to the next order.

D. Lowe


Thank you so much! The invitations were exactly what we expected.

Micah & Ashley


Very happy, thank you!

Jane M.


Truly delighted! The labels are great. I admire your professionalism and commitment to excellence. Many, many thanks!

Allison R.


Thank you so much for the labels--they came out beautiful and in plenty of time for the party this weekend. It was a pleasure working with you and I have already started to spread the word about your company.

Carol C.


I was very happy with my order.

Cristina M.


The bottle labels I received looked beautiful. Unfortunately, they didn't fit all the way around the bottles and were not easy to take off once on. They would rip or leave paper on the bottle.

Jacquline S

Editor's note: I am so sorry to know that the water bottle labeling process was frustrating for you. Our water bottle labels are designed to go almost, but not entirely around an 8 or 12 ounce water bottle. We like this as it makes the application a bit easier, not having to match up the ends together on the back side. Once the labels are applied, they are quite tenacious, which is also by design. I am wondering if you were trying to remove them to reuse the bottles or if the label did not go on properly on the first try. We always want to hear feedback from our customers so we can make the changes that people want. If you have the time, I would very much appreciate knowing a bit more about the reasons for wanting to take the labels off once they were on.


I just wanted to thank you. Our order arrived today and it is terrific. The shipment was received very fast and the product is good quality. We are pleased that the favor tags are as we expected and that the green is even nicer than what appeared online.

Brian & Jenn


I love the way the labels came out. Thank you so much! I will order from you again :)

Brenna M.


Exactly as expected. Easy to design on the user-friendly website. Labels and coasters were of quality work and product. Perfect labels for the beer mugs for my German themed birthday party. Delivered ahead of schedule also.

Tina D.


The labels are awesome!!! Thank you!!!!

S. Barnes


My experience was great, I worked with Julie at your end. She was great the labels were a great hit! Delivery was fast, just excellent, I will order again. I have also recommended to others. Thank You!!!

Julie N.


My labels were awesome and they made the wedding favors an overwhelming success. Guests couldn't say enough about them. Thank you so much for getting them to me on short notice.

Jay M.


I was so pleased with your company from start to finish. The people I spoke with on the phone were very nice and helpful, the service was quick, and the final product was beautiful. I would not hesitate to order from your company again as well as to recommend you to others. Thank you again for such wonderful service.

Lori L.


I was expecting more from the coasters that I ordered. They aren't very thick and don't seem very absorbent. Do you offer higher quality\thicker coasters?

Bob E.

Editor's note: Thank you so much for letting us know about your unhappiness with the coasters. While the coasters we had offered are indeed fairly durable and absorbent (I have used the same coaster on my desk for six months), we have listened to our customer feedback and have now increased the thickness of the coaster paper; we very much look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new coasters.


I want to thank you a beautiful job that you did for the labels I ordered to go with the rehearsal dinner. The favors were special-ordered from Greece and I wanted labels that would be just as beautiful. I cannot begin to tell you how happy you made me with the printing, color and font of the design labels. Thank you for your excellent work.

Joan T.


I received the labels and they are beautiful. Thank you so much for your great prompt service. If I need anything else I will definitely use your company.



I received the coasters today and am very happy with them! Thanks again.

Susan C.


I loved the labels. I'll be ordering again. I've been making marmalade from our own orange trees, and I give them as hostess gifts.

Judi M.


Thank you very, very much. This is going to be a small wedding and these labels are a very big deal to us. Thanks again. Will definitely use you again for my daughters wedding in the fall.

B. Taylor


Your website was easy to use and nicely laid out. My labels were delivered as promised and looked even better than I imagined. I've already recommended your site to friends and will likely be a repeat customer.

Kirsten T.


Upon opening the box I was very impressed and thrilled at my labels.

Bill T.


Thanks very much! I LOVE the large frosted cookie bags, oval hang tags and the Merry & Bright wine labels I recently received. They look fabulous and I am very happy with the overall quality and appearance of everything I ordered. THANKS AGAIN VERY, VERY MUCH!

Nancy P.


I am thrilled with the labels; it is my second order.


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