Succulent Terrarium Centerpieces
Type: Wedding Decorations
  • Simple glass containers –Be sure you can fit your hand inside the glass container, otherwise the task of planting just gets too tricky. Also, if you plan to use labels on the glass, be sure that the sides are not curved along more than one plane. For example, a cylindrical shape (pictured here) is ideal, if the glass is round and also curves inward at the top, the labels will not be able to lay flat.
  • 1-3 succulents – It’s easy to buy too many succulents; they take up a surprising amount of space once you get them inside the glass container. In an arrangement, odd numbers of succulents tend to look better together than even numbers of succulents.
  • Pretty rocks, shells, etc. (optional)– I didn’t need to use do-dads like these for my project, but they are a nice idea if you have a little extra space to use in the terrarium.
  • Potting soil – Again, a surprisingly small amount is needed for this project, and the exact amount will depend on the size of your glass container.
  1. Once you have all of your supplies assembled, clean your glass so that it is perfectly super shiny sparkly clean. Notice the soil depth of your succulents. Place a small amount of potting soil in the glass and use a spoon to create a well in the soil where the succulent will be planted. Aim to have a soil depth that is about ½ inch deeper than the soil depth that the succulents are sold in.
  1. Dip the succulent in a small amount of room-temperature water for 5-7 seconds, then overturn the succulent squeezing the sides of the planter until the soil comes loose. Gently place the plant and its soil into the well you’ve created, and add a little more potting soil with a spoon, aiming away from the sides of the glass, but avoiding getting soil onto the plant itself. Pat down the soil as well as you can, and provide the plant with another small amount of water.
  1. If there is a some space left in your terrarium, but not enough space for another plant, you can arrange a few pretty rocks, shells, interesting twigs and the like to add a little more visual interest. Likely, the sides of the glass will be somewhat dusted with potting soil—wait 12-24 hours for these specs of soil to dry, then use your fingers or small paintbrush to clear away this debris from the glass.
  1. Succulents need to be watered at least every week during the summer and less often in the winter. Most do well with bright light but not direct sunlight.
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