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I have checked that everything is correct including spelling, layout, color and size of the labels.

Special instructions

Color change ($15.00)
SHEET LABELS (single design)


  • SHEET (Single Design) Same design on every label of sheet
  • SHEET (Multi Design) Multiple designs on one sheet
  • ROLL LABELS For quantities of 250+


square labels

1.9" x 1.9"

square text labels

1.9" x 1.9"

small rectangle labels

2" x 0.875"

small text labels

2" x 0.875"

circle labels

2" circle

small round labels

1.5" circle

circle text labels

2" circle

tall rectangle labels

1.875" x 2.75"

tall oval labels

2.25" x 3.5"

fancy diamond labels

2" x 2"

oval labels

2.25" x 1"

small oval text labels

2.25" x 1"

rectangle labels

2.5" x 1.25"

rectangle text labels

2.5" x 1.25"

small oval labels

1.25" x 0.75"

tiny oval text labels

1.25" x 0.75"

large labels

3.25" x 4"

large labels

3.75" x 4.5"

large text labels

2.5" x 4"

bottled water labels

7" x 1.875"

scallop labels

1.75" scallop

small circle labels

0.938" circle

text labels

1.875" x 2.75"

oval text labels

2.25" x 3.5"

deluxe address labels

2" x 0.875"





QUANTITY210 labels


  • 70 labels (1 sheet)$9.99
  • 140 labels (2 sheets)$19.98
  • 210 labels (3 sheets)$29.97
  • SAVE 10%
  • 280 labels (4 sheets)$35.96
  • 350 labels (5 sheets)$44.96
  • 420 labels (6 sheets)$53.95
  • SAVE 20%
  • 560 labels (8 sheets)$63.94
  • 630 labels (9 sheets)$71.93
  • 700 labels (10 sheets)$79.92
  • 770 labels (11 sheets)$87.91
  • 840 labels (12 sheets)$95.90
  • SAVE 30%
  • 980 labels (14 sheets)$97.90
  • 1050 labels (15 sheets)$104.90
  • 1120 labels (16 sheets)$111.89
  • 1190 labels (17 sheets)$118.88
  • SAVE 40%
  • 1400 labels (20 sheets)$119.88
  • 1540 labels (22 sheets)$131.87
  • 1680 labels (24 sheets)$143.86
  • 1820 labels (26 sheets)$155.84
  • SAVE 45%
  • 2100 labels (30 sheets)$164.84
  • 2240 labels (32 sheets)$175.82
  • 2380 labels (34 sheets)$186.81
  • 2520 labels (36 sheets)$197.80
  • SAVE 50%
  • 2800 labels (40 sheets)$199.80
  • 2940 labels (42 sheets)$209.79
  • 3080 labels (44 sheets)$219.78
  • 3220 labels (46 sheets)$229.77
  • Choose rolls for higher-quantity discounts
STOCKMatte Paper Labels

STOCK — more info

  • MATTE PAPER LABELS peel-and-stick, paper labels with a matte finish
  • WATERPROOF VINYL LABELS peel-and-stick, waterproof vinyl labels
SIZE INFO0.938" circle


Shape 28 small circle labels measure 0.938" across

This shape is great for beer bottle tops, bottled water tops, poker chips, and envelope seals. It also works well for other small applications such as an accent label (adding a date on canning jars, or indicating different flavors, etc), also as the main label on very small jars and boxes. The illustration below is not at actual size, but it shows you how this item compares in size to a credit card.

If you are not sure this size will fit your container, draw the shape on a piece of paper using a ruler to measure, cut it out and lay it on your container.

SP28 actual size



We are happy to make small adjustments at no extra charge. Tell us if you want your text laid out a certain way, or line breaks in a certain place, or the letters to be larger or smaller, or need to add a few more characters to a line, etc.

We will contact you if we see any problems with your request.

Orders with color changes are not refundable. A color change can have a profound effect on the style, and we do not know what result you are trying to achieve so we can't guarantee that you will like it. If there is an obvious problem, we will contact you.

Choose a color from another label style on our website, and tell us, in the box above, which style and which color in that style you want to match. Or, if you want to match a color of a fabric or other item, please mail us a color swatch. We will come as close as we can to your color, but cannot guarantee an exact match due to differences between our process and how the color was achieved on your swatch. Making this request WILL DELAY YOUR ORDER and THERE IS NO REFUND FOR COLOR CHANGE REQUESTS.

Mail your color swatch to:
Evermine, Customer Service color request, 45 NE Hancock Street, Portland OR 97212

confirmed image
Colors shown are close — more info
Actual size is 0.938" circle