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Actual size is 2" x 0.875"
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Actual size is 2" x 0.875"

Tuxedo Formal style

This style is simply a classic. Starting with the impeccably tooled, bold black type, to the symmetrical layout and the simple, geometric border art for the main text, this style asks for nothing more than to be part of an ultra formal, traditional event. The border art has a rustic hand-finished edge, is filled with a rasped and rumbly texture with undertones of color. The strong geometry is softened by a small embellishment of a leaf or finial, which appears on each side of the border. The border around the outside has a rumbly texture of a subtle paper grid that softly comes and goes across the surface. A classic, modern, and relaxed style. Customize your Tuxedo Formal wedding labels to match your perfect wedding theme today!

About Evermine Wedding Labels

Printed on your choice of coated paper or waterproof vinyl label stock, our Tuxedo Formal wedding labels are peel and stick and come on sheets measuring 9 X 12. Depending on the size of the labels, there are between 6 and 60 labels on each sheet. The vinyl material option is slightly stretchy, so it is a little forgiving if your surface is not perfectly smooth, also the vinyl labels are easy to remove from smooth surfaces such as glass, metal, and plastic. Make uniquely-personal, memorable keepsakes with Evermine personalized Tuxedo Formal wedding labels. Our wedding labels are amazingly durable and do well in a refrigerator. The waterproof vinyl option can even be immersed in an ice bath. However, these labels are not guaranteed to withstand a trip through the dishwasher, or prolonged use around creams, oils or acids such as citrus oil, vinegar, fragrances, etc.

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Shape & Size — 2" x 0.875"


Item Code ALTX02-29
Quantity Sold on sheets of 24 labels
label Size 2" x 0.875"
label Color Chalkboard Tuxedo
label Stock peel-and-stick paper labels with a smooth, matte finish



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