baptism labels

Custom Baptism Water Bottle Labels

peel-and-stick waterproof labels

Share the joy of your baby being welcomed into God's family. Set out bottled water with a personalized label celebrating your little one's baptism. Choose a light and festive style to match your celebration, and choose a very special photo of your little one to showcase on these adorable bottled water labels. Many baptism bottled water stickers also have space for text so you can tell your special story, put in a poem, or list the family members or members of the baptism party. The bottled water, with your baptism labels celebrating this momentous event, will be saved by many as a keepsake for years and years.






Brush Edge Bottled Water Label In Blue Brush Edge

2 shapes • 23 colors

39 fonts

Willow Bottled Water Label In Tidal Blue Willow

2 shapes • 16 colors

39 fonts

Elements Icon Bottled Water Label In Harvest Elements Icon

2 shapes • 53 colors

39 fonts • 1300+ icons

Elements Chalkboard Bottled Water Label In Chalkboard Tuxedo Elements Chalkboard

2 shapes • 4 colors

39 fonts

Apothecary Graphic Bottled Water Label In Rose Quartz Apothecary Graphic

2 shapes • 27 colors

28 fonts

Jules Veneer Bottled Water Label In Peach Jules Veneer

2 shapes • 32 colors

24 fonts

Caption Bottled Water Label In Custom Caption

upload your own art or image

Modern Museo Bottled Water Label In Blue Mist Modern Museo

2 shapes • 35 colors

40 fonts

Elements Bottled Water Label In Deep Gold Elements

2 shapes • 36 colors

39 fonts

Vintage Chalkboard Bottled Water Label In Chalkboard Tuxedo Vintage Chalkboard

2 shapes • 4 colors

40 fonts

Apothecary Deluxe Bottled Water Label In Serenity Apothecary Deluxe

2 shapes • 27 colors

29 fonts

Picture Perfect Bottled Water Label In Peach Picture Perfect

2 shapes • 32 colors

25 fonts

Elements Kraft Bottled Water Label In Kraft Basic Elements Kraft

2 shapes • 4 colors

39 fonts

Bountiful Botanical Bottled Water Label In Warm Grey Bountiful Botanical

2 shapes • 10 colors

39 fonts

Bonjour Bottled Water Label In Spring Green Bonjour

2 shapes • 25 colors

Personalized baptism or christening bottled water labels

Use your words and photos or art with our styles, shapes and colors for perfect baptism or christening celebrations. Ordering is fast and easy, and you can order just the amount you need!

You pick the style, color and shape, then personalize the bottled water labels with your own words. The text on the ideas above are for example only. Small quantities are what we are all about so you can get just the amount you need for your baptism or christening celebration. Ordering is fast and easy, and you are sure to be happy with your custom personalized baptism or christening stickers, bottled water labels and other products: all of our standard personalized products are backed up with a money-back guarantee.

Our baptism or christening label styles have been carefully designed with a wide color palette developed for baptism or christenings, naming ceremonies, first communions, dedications and confirmations. Use your photos and words to create personalized bottled water labels which are ideal to commemorate this very special day.

And, celebrate the baptism or christening with personalized baptism or christening celebration favors and gifts. Visit our ideas pages for easy baptism or christening celebration favor and gift ideas, including recipes and instructions on how to create your own do it yourself baptism or christening favors and gifts, and how to personalize them with baptism or christening bottled water labels and tags to create very special keepsake gifts. Use the baptism or christening child's photo on bottled water labels for very personalized and unforgettable favors and gifts. Also visit the ideas pages and our blog, Evermine, for do it yourself celebration decorating.

Make your baptism or christening celebration extra special with personalized baptism or christening bottled water labels, stickers, seals from Evermine. Looking good has never been easier!

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