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Do you make custom sizes and shapes?

Are the labels waterproof?

Are the labels impervious to oils and acids?

Can your labels go through the dishwasher?

What will the labels adhere to?

How do I choose the right size for my container?

What is the best way to apply the labels?

Is there an easy way to remove the labels so I can re-use my container?

How do I choose the right size for my wine bottles?

Can I put my new labels over the original labels on the bottles?

Will the wine labels I ordered fit over the original labels?

Are water bottle labels waterproof?

Why is there a gap between the label ends when it wraps around my bottles?

Are the bookplates acid free?

Are bookplates removeable?

Hang Tags

What material is used for tags?

How much twine do you provide with the tags?

Can I write on the tags?

Will choosing kraft card stock affect the look of my tags?

Can I get a custom size tag?

Can I get tags without holes?


What are your coasters made of?

Are your coasters waterproof?

How durable are your coasters?


How do I reorder an item from a previous order?

Will my reordered items match the colors from previous orders?

How do I change something on an item from a previous order?


How long will it take to see a proof?

What should I do when I receive my emailed proofs?

How long before I get an updated proof?

If I approve my proof can I make changes later?

I approved my proof, but I don't like the way my printed order looks. How do I fix this?

I've placed my order for roll labels. Will waiting for proofs cause a delay?


How much is shipping?

Why can't I get free shipping for bulky orders?

How long will it take before my order is ready to ship?

How long will it take my roll label order to ship?

I notice that you're in La Grande. I am nearby. Can I pick up my order at your facility?


Do you have a discount club?

Personalizing our designs

Can I order a personalized sample before placing a full order?

Do you have downloadable templates?

Will you check my spelling for me?

Photos & Artwork

How do I upload my photo/artwork to your templates?

How do I adjust/crop my photo/artwork?

What kinds of image files can I upload online?

What size does the file need to be?

How do I upload my updated art for my order already in process?

Custom art

Do you have a list of artwork guidelines and requirements for professional designers?

Will you create my design or logo?

How do I create my own custom art?

In what form should I submit my art?


Can I use my own custom color?

How can I make sure that the printed color will be right for me?