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Labeling guide for wine bottles

  • Bordeaux - The most popular wine bottle shape, and the most versatile. Because of its larger size, it can accommodate many different label shapes. This bottle is used for white wines and Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Labels can be up to 6.5" high.
  • Burgundy - This bottle has sloping shoulders so the label height needs to be shorter than for those on a Bordeaux bottle. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay is typically bottled in this type of bottle. Labels can be up to 4.5" high.
  • Alsace or Mosel - These bottles are slender with sloped shoulders. They are used to bottle Rieslings and other dessert wines. Labels up to 4.5" high. Also pay attention to the width - choose a narrower label like 3.25" wide.
  • Rhone - Looks similar to a Burgundy bottle, but is not as big around. Wines like Syrah, Mourvedre and Grenache are bottled in Rhone bottles. Labels up to 4.5" high.
  • Champagne - These bottles have a signature concave base of thick glass for the additional pressure of sparkling wines. Labels up to 4" high.

Evermine wine labels

  • Be sure the label height is no taller than what these guidelines list for your bottle shape. If you choose a label that is too tall for your bottle, it will pucker at the top.
  • Choose a label that is narrow rather than wide. Wine labels go AROUND a cylinder, so if your design is very wide you will have trouble seeing the art on the left and right edges. If you want a wide label, make sure your design is in the center and does not extend too far to the left or right. You can use the sides very effectively for color or styling effects.