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Custom Bar & Bat Mitzvah Coasters

Custom Bar & Bat Mitzvah Coasters

3.9 inch coasters made with extra-thick paperboard

Make your bar mitzvah an unforgettable event, and increase the festive mood, with the addition of bar mitzvah coasters for the tables. Use a photo coaster style, with a current photo of your young man. Or make several different coasters, each with a different photo of your special guy over the years. Or simply choose from our many stylish bar mitzvah designs and choose a color, to set the style and colors of your happy celebration. Select a bar mitzvah coaster style below to get started.


Step 1 - Choose a style


Shapes and Sizes Shapes and Sizes:

  • CO22 Circle
  • CO21 Rounded
  • die_cut_shape_2 Fancy
  • die_cut_shape_3 Double-Rounded
  • die_cut_shape_4 Scallop





Diy Round Coaster In Custom DIY

upload your own art or image
2 shapes

Brush Edge Square Coaster In Radiant Orchid Brush Edge

2 shapes • 23 colors

30 font choices

Apothecary Graphic Square Coaster In Cobalt Apothecary Graphic

2 shapes • 27 colors

21 font choices

Picture Perfect Square Coaster In Deep Gold Picture Perfect

2 shapes • 32 colors

Vintage Chalkboard Square Coaster In Chalkboard Tuxedo Vintage Chalkboard

2 shapes • 4 colors

Starry Sky Round Coaster In Deep Gold Starry Sky

2 shapes • 9 colors

Bonjour Square Coaster In Spring Green Bonjour

2 shapes • 25 colors

Apothecary Deluxe Square Coaster In Serenity Apothecary Deluxe

2 shapes • 27 colors

Jules Veneer Square Coaster In Charcoal Jules Veneer

2 shapes • 32 colors

16 font choices

Watercolor Droplets Square Coaster In Lime Watercolor Droplets

2 shapes • 9 colors

Filigree Square Coaster In Burgundy Filigree

2 shapes • 20 colors

Modern Museo Square Coaster In Bright Pink Modern Museo

2 shapes • 35 colors

Caption Round Coaster In Custom Caption

upload your own art or image
2 shapes

trim Cara Square Coaster In Deep Blue Cara

2 shapes • 20 colors

trim Love Square Coaster In Bright Pink Love

2 shapes • 20 colors

trim Posies Square Coaster In Bright Pink Posies

2 shapes • 14 colors

Elements Square Coaster In Lagoon Elements

2 shapes • 36 colors

12 font choices

Vida Round Coaster In Pale Pink Vida

2 shapes • 20 colors

Classic Oldstyle Square Coaster In Chocolate Classic Oldstyle

2 shapes • 20 colors

Candystripes Round Coaster In Spice Candystripes

2 shapes • 16 colors

Star Of David Round Coaster In Sage Star of David

2 shapes • 4 colors

trim Bella Square Coaster In Sunburst Bella

2 shapes • 20 colors

trim Casablanca Square Coaster In Deep Green Casablanca

2 shapes • 27 colors

trim Tiny Charms Square Coaster In Lilac Tiny Charms

choose from 45 charms

2 shapes • 16 colors

trim Riva Square Coaster In Green Tea Riva

2 shapes • 20 colors

trim Rococo Spring Square Coaster In Cocoa & Pink Rococo Spring

2 shapes • 20 colors

Shalom Round Coaster In Ice Blue Shalom

2 shapes • 4 colors

Apothecary Neat Square Coaster In Cappuccino Apothecary Neat

2 shapes • 28 colors

Custom Bar Mitzvah Coasters and Personalized Bat Mitzvah Coasters

Use your words with our styles, shapes and colors. Ordering is fast and easy, and you can order just the amount you need!

Use your words and pictures with our coaster styles, shapes, and colors. Our personalized bat mitzvah coasters are designed to match our label styles and colors, and you can expect the same exacting quality and individual typographic styling as you get on our labels. The coasters are personalized with your words and are printed in color on one side, on absorbent extra-thick coaster paper. They come 12 coasters to a set, and there is no minimum order. Because the coasters are made of absorbent paper, they are by nature disposable; however they are quite durable and can withstand light use if not saturated with liquids or foods. They are the perfect keepsake if kept wrapped and not used. Custom bar mitzvah coasters also make excellent favors or gifts for long-distance events because of their small size and personalized message. They are perfect for a traveler to bring to bar mitzvot and bat mitzvot, thirteenth and twelfth birthday parties, jewish coming of age ceremonies, B'nai Mitzvah, second bar mitzvahs .

Or you can use them to serve drinks to guests, use them for your dinner party, or give them as a hostess gift when you visit friends.