Saturday Sips: Fennel Apple Spritzer | Evermine Occasions |

Saturday Sips: Fennel Apple Spritzer

Now that we are entering the home stretch of summer, the apple orchards are full of branches burdened with ripening fruits. As such, we wanted to celebrate the end of the harvest season with a recipe that’s symbolic of this time of year; one that utilizes and showcases the freshest ingredients with a unique twist….

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Edible Gift: Herbal Syrups | Evermine Occasions |

Edible Gifts: Herbal Syrup

As a holiday gift last year, I received a super sweet gift from an herbalist friend of mine: pine needle syrup. It was such a special, unique, usable and delicious gift that I had to share the idea with you. Now, the fresh, sweet form of pine needles are seasonal and a little tricky to…

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Honey Pops for Rosh Hashana | Evermine Occasions |

Honey Pop Favors for Rosh Hashana

Honey Pops for Rosh Hashanah! What cuter way to wish family and friends a sweet new year than to make these sweet favors that can be given out to guests at a Rosh Hashanah dinner, or as a symbol of blessing for the New Year. These Honey Pops can be used to sweeten a cup…

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