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Homegrown Flower Arrangements

There’s nothing better than bringing a bouquet of homegrown flowers to cheer up or delight a family member or friend. The act of growing flowers is therapeutic, and it beautifies your space while creating food for beneficial pollinators. Many stunning garden flowers can be grown in a home garden and the last well in bouquets….

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Baby Shower Gift Idea: Spiced Kettle Corn | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com

Spiced Kettle Corn Baby Shower Favors

Did you know that kettle corn is quite easy to make at home, without fancy equipment? It is. So totally doable. I co-hosted a baby shower recently, and contributed some delicious – tasting and looking – packages of homemade spiced kettle corn. I made use of the very handy large frosted tin-tie bags available from…

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Stump Tourney Invites | The Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com

Stump Tournament Invites

I first encountered the game of Stump years ago in New Hampshire when a few college classmates of mine cajoled me into joining them at their creekside, gully-shaded shack for an evening. The plan was their usual Saturday night: dinner, an outdoor fire, a few homemade ciders and a game of Stump. This game, clearly…

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