Preserved Lemons Recipe | Evermine Blog |

Edible Gifts: Preserved Lemons

Up until recently, I knew nothing about preserved lemons beyond seeing them listed as an ingredient in recipes and swiftly substituting for fresh lemons instead. But as my culinary adventures continued, I became more and more curious about them. What did they taste like? How were they actually used? Preserved lemons are primarily used in… 

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Ombre Sunset Wedding Stationery | Evermine Blog |

Ombre Sunset Wedding Stationery

Looking for a pop of color to brighten your big day? Evermine’s Ombre Sunset wedding stationery comes in 10 gorgeous colors that are lovely when used both as simple but classy stand-alones, or played up with other colors from the suite. Scroll down for a closer look at our line of Sunset Ombre paper goods,… 

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Mother's Day Gift: Fruity Jam Butter | Evermine Blog |

Mother’s Day Gift: Fruity Jam Butter

Mother’s Day is just one of those days when moms deserve to be pampered. I personally think breakfast in bed is one of the best ways to pamper mom, and when I say breakfast in bed, I don’t mean a fancy breakfast in bed. I’m talking about something really cute and simple. A tray with… 

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