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Torah and Tea Centerpiece Idea

“Torah and Tea” is an educational class that a colleague of mine hosted weekly in Alpharetta Georgia. Rashi Minkowitz of Blessed Memory passed away suddenly at the young age of 37. She was a beautiful mother of eight children, and worked with her husband to create a vibrant Jewish community. Every week she would teach… 

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Rustic Cherry Wedding Favors | Evermine Blog |

Rustic Cherry Wedding Favors

Sweet, dark cherries with arching stems and a glasslike shine are a sentimental memory of summer. They clearly mark the time of year as there are only a few short weeks when freshly picked cherries have a richness and depth to their sweetness, almost like a fine wine or port. These rustic favor bags, filled… 

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Homemade Ghee Recipe | Evermine Blog |

Edible Gift: Homemade Ghee

I knew about ghee for a few years before my mom gave me my own special little jar of it, which she had procured at the fancy specialty food store around the corner. She thought it would be nice for me to experiment with this golden substance, and she was right. Ghee is some special… 

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