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DIY Herbal Bitters

I have a couple of wonderful friends, a couple themselves, who have long been discerning home mixologists. They even have an enviably beautiful liquor cabinet, made by the furniture maker among them, as an altar to their hobby. It wasn’t long after learning of their engagement that I arrived at the perfect wedding gift idea…

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Homegrown Flower Arrangements | Evermine Occasions |

Homegrown Flower Arrangements

There’s nothing better than bringing a bouquet of homegrown flowers to cheer up or delight a family member or friend. The act of growing flowers is therapeutic, and it beautifies your space while creating food for beneficial pollinators. Many stunning garden flowers can be grown in a home garden and the last well in bouquets….

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Baby Shower Gift Idea: Spiced Kettle Corn | Evermine Blog |

Spiced Kettle Corn Baby Shower Favors

Did you know that kettle corn is quite easy to make at home, without fancy equipment? It is. So totally doable. I co-hosted a baby shower recently, and contributed some delicious – tasting and looking – packages of homemade spiced kettle corn. I made use of the very handy large frosted tin-tie bags available from…

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