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Hostess Wine Tags

Headed to a gathering or dinner party? Don’t forget your hostess gift. A simple gift for your host is a way to say thank you for the hospitality, and is always appreciated. There are many different occasions that call for a hostess gift, so consider the situation before deciding what to bring. For dinner parties…

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Fire Cider

Did you know there‚Äôs a person in the world whose name is Rosemary Gladstar? Seriously. Rosemary Gladstar. Well, on top of bearing one of the coolest names ever, Ms. Gladstar is also a renowned herbalist, and she taught me, via this video, how to make the also fabulously named Fire Cider. Fire Cider is a…

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Edible Gifts: Peach Pepper Jelly

My neighbor cut down her peach tree this year. I walked outside one day, and boom. It was gone. And the worst part? It was loaded with ripe, gorgeous peaches! Luckily, her peach tree was located next to the line dividing our two properties, so when they cut down the tree, a good portion of…

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