Saturday Sips: Fresh Ginger Tea with Sweet Honey Cream | Evermine Blog |

Saturday Sips: Fresh Ginger Tea with Sweet Honey Cream

Sometimes the most delicious recipes are made from the most basic of ingredients. That’s certainly the case with this recipe for Fresh Ginger Tea with Sweet Honey Cream. All you need to make this warming beverage is a few simple ingredients: ginger root, cream, honey, water and maybe some freshly ground spices. Serve this tea… 

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Passover Cleaning Kit | Evermine Blog |

Passover Cleaning Kit

Keep Calm and Clean On! That’s my motto when it comes to Passover cleaning. I’ll admit, it sure is hard to inspire children to clean. I don’t just mean cleaning up their toys. I mean, REALLY cleaning in preparation for Passover. It is customary to rid our homes of any leavened substances, such as bread,… 

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"Some Bunny Loves You" Easter Treats | Evermine Blog |

Easter Bunny in a Jar

I remember hunting for Easter eggs in my childhood. Hunting around the house and garden, finding little candy eggs and collecting them in a basket. There was always one extra special treat hidden on the bookshelf or under a cushion: the chocolate bunny. Oh how I loved to find the chocolate bunny, rip open the… 

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