Bachelorette Hangover Kit

Hangovers only last a day but memories last a lifetime! Bachelorette hangover kits are a must have when planning a party for the bride to be.  Everyone can let loose and celebrate the upcoming nuptials without worrying about hangovers in the morning cause you’ve got them covered.

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In sickness and health, love is the best medicine but these will help too: bottled water to keep everyone hydrated, granola bars for nutrition, emergen-c packets for an immunity boost while your body recovers, pain relievers for those pounding headaches, breath mints and facial cleansing towelettes to freshen up.

• Bottled Water with personalized labels (Blooms + Bands Water Bottle Labels)
• Emergen-C packets
• Granola Bars
• Pain Reliever
• Breath Mints
• Facial Cleansing Towelettes


For Packaging:
Large white paper favor bags with personalized labels (Blooms + Bands Large Circle Labels)
Small kraft gift totes with personalized labels (Blooms + Bands Large Wide Labels)



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