20 Creative DIY Stocking Stuffers

20 Creative DIY Stocking Stuffer Ideas from www.evermine.com
Every home has different traditions surrounding the holiday season, but Christmas stockings are common among many households, and usually include all manner of trinket and candy too small to go under the tree. Even better, these Christmas stockings can be stuffed with your own handmade items that you make and package with extra care. Below are 20 of our favorite handmade and homemade projects from our archives that we think would make the perfect stocking stuffer:

1. Vanilla Coconut Sugar Scrub
2. Pedicure in a Jar
3. Knitted Christmas Baubles
4. Hand Knit Calla Coasters
5. Felted Magnets
6. Homemade Bubble Bath
7. Scrabble Magnets
8. Pine Scented Soy Candles
9. Herb-Pressed Candles
10. Secret Money Jars
11. Lavender Bath Salts
12. Lavender Linen Sachets
13. Beeswax Candles
14. Memory Jars
15. Personalized Coasters
16. Spa in a Jar
17. Circus Animal Topped Mason Jars
18. DIY Art Kits for Kids
19. DIY Sharpie Mugs
20. Country Potholders

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