2018 Wedding Trends

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The Look: Event Planning Trends

We love talking color with our couples, it usually gives us an idea of who our bride (and groom!) is – whether it be more classic, modern, ethereal or a mix of several different styles we happily embrace them all! Blush has for quite some time now been going strong. We don’t see that changing as we head into 2018 but we did love the introduction of pale blue into the mix in 2017. For 2018 we anticipate seeing the introduction of lavender and lilac. How gorgeous would lilac-colored blooms look tucked into a runner of greens!? We see all three of these colors taking on a dustier hue going into this year, and love our adventurous couples who dare to mix two or even all three of these shades together. And on the complete other end of the spectrum – red, while we don’t anticipate our brides selecting an all cherry palette we are loving the pops of deep burgundies that are being brought in among shades of white and even steely blue.

One theme that never has gone completely away, but we are anticipating a stronger presence in 2018 is going uber elegant – we are seeing cleaner florals, classic tuxedos (we love this!), a hint of sparkle – specifically on the bride or her maids, over-sized bows and our personal favorite the touch of black being brought back into the color palette This can take form more traditionally on invitations/paper goods or in bridesmaid dresses, but we also love the bold bride who adds black to her tablescape or even her own attire whether it be in a black shoe or an embellished sash – so pretty!

Something we have been hearing more and more of from our couples is how important food is to them. They are looking to present their guests with a new food experience, or one that resonates with their personal style. We love our foodie couples and are constantly on the hunt for new ways to both present and source food for their special day. Whether it is in the form of an interactive appetizer during cocktail hour…think raw bar or roll your own sushi station, a farm to table dinner experience (a huge trend in the NW restaurant scene), bringing in a family-owned recipes, or creative desserts…popsicles, custards, ice cream sandwiches – we are definitely fans (of it all!). In a day filled with many special moments, dinner is often the longest time guests will spend together in one space. We work with our couples on selecting many of the elements here – everything from the plates to the timing, but we are especially excited to bring new ideas to the plate (pun intended!) in 2018!

Another fun change up is that couples are looking for new ways to entertain guests. Think magicians, break-dancers to liven the dance floor, caricature artists and so on. The options are endless and surprise entertainment makes for a memorable event!

We thought 2017 was a gorgeous year for weddings, and we could not be more excited to take some of these trends into 2018. One of our personal favorites from last year? The urban romantic! Last year we helped our couples incorporate marble, acrylic, white surfaces, and geode cakes all softened with loose greenery and rose gold into their special day. This year we are still loving those details, but we anticipate glamming this look up a bit…layering acrylic and marble together, adding a little more sparkle and color to those gorgeous cakes, and pulling in more metallics – specifically matte gold and silver. We are also looking forward to adding in some new elements – slate, colored glass and raw silk to tie it all together. Hanging florals have been gaining in popularity, but this year we are planning some more creative and unique floral installations to really knock guests’ socks off!

We try to go into every planning season remembering that although we, as planners may have seen a specific element done a few times, it is new to this couple. This is their first time marrying each other, and it really is their day. Our goal is to help bring their vision to life in the most beautiful way possible. That said I would say one of my personal goals for 2018 is to work with our couples on staying true to their vision from start to finish. If they see themselves as a boho, helping them to select elements that make sense with that style – potentially and outdoor venue, mismatched seating, farm to table dinner, loose florals, etc. The same goes with our glam and modern couples. So not to say that I might be ready to tuck our mason jars and burlap away, I do think there is time and place for everything – so for that summer outdoor wedding on a farm? Bring it on!

— Nora, Owner, Bridal Bliss  (image collection courtesy of Bridal Bliss)       



Capturing the Moment: Photography Trends

2018 is already underway and I have noticed some trends popping up from my brides. Smaller, intimate, weddings and elopements are for sure becoming more and more popular. Wedding days can be downright stressful, so keeping things minimalistic has many brides smitten. With less to worry about they are free to relax and take in the day. It also makes timelines super easy to work with and allows me as the photographer to document the day as it happens rather than referring to a schedule.

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Another trend that is still going strong from last year is bridesmaid first looks and father first looks. Seriously as many first looks you can fit into a day the better! They always get amazing reactions and emotions from both the bride and whoever is seeing her for the first time. It also creates amazing memories for all parties involved. I’ve been thanked many times by my couples for making these extra first looks happen.

If it can be done, lots of wedding photographers are doing away with flash at receptions in order to preserve the mood and ambiance of the night in the photos. Flash is great for many situations, but most of the time couples have set up enough candles, tea lights, and other ambient light to alluminate the venue. It’s super romantic lighting that can be washed out with a bright flash. So the flash is getting turned off and replaced with bumping our camera’s ISO. This allows more natural light to get into the camera and thus preserving the natural ambiance of the reception.

— Stephanie, Owner + Photographer, SK Photography (image collection courtesy of SK Photography)     


The Goodies: Personalized Favor & Gift Trends

Thoughtful and uniquely personalized Wedding Party Proposals are becoming increasingly popular. Being a part of a wedding  can be a big commitment of time and money in the months following up to the big day. Many Brides and Grooms want to show their friends and family how much they mean to them and appreciate their willingness to help. We adore this fun new trend and think it is definitely here to stay!

Couples now are looking for ways to make their wedding completely unique to them. One way we see them doing that is by opting for personalized favors that reflect them as a couple or as individuals (“His Favorite” and “Her Favorite”): favorite snacks, candies, baked goods, and bottled beverages all make for fantastic (and yummy!) favors guests are sure to enjoy.

— The Design Team, Evermine


The Cake: Cake + Dessert Trends

I am definitely seeing a trend in a technique I call “Buttercream watercolor”, as well as smaller tiered cakes with displayed side cakes.

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Greenery is definitely trendy as well, as a more budget friendly and naturally stunning decor option. Textures, gold leaf, and mini desserts are still in full force too!

— Ashley, Head Pastry Chef, Papa Haydn (image collection courtesy of Papa Haydn)


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