2019 Wedding Trends

2019 has arrived and we are so excited for the wedding season ahead! Each year we ask local industry professionals what new trends they expect to see and share our own predictions. Scroll down for an exciting glimpse of the months ahead and loads of gorgeous, inspiring ideas for your upcoming wedding! From spiked ice pops to llamas, wildflowers and lace – 2019 is looking to be nothing short of magical.


Just when we thought we couldn’t fall more in love with weddings!  Based on what we are seeing in the market, our amazing clients and wedding professionals, and our own personal obsessions we are predicting 2019 to be a gorgeous year!  While we are still swooning over the beauty that was 2018, the new year is rolling forward filled with more color, refined elegance and (hopefully) even more fun for our future weddings guests!

Pantone Color of the Year – Living Coral. Photo credit: Deyla Huss Photography


Let’s start with color, last year blush was still very much a presence, as were dusty blues and wine-hued reds.  This year we are seeing shades of lavender, so pretty for early spring weddings, and then deepening the palette into fall.  We love the pantone of the year – living coral, which could not be more perfect when paired with a pale peach, white and even a soft blue for our summer brides.  From a metallic standpoint, gold is definitely still relevant, but we are also seeing a resurgence of silver and even chrome!  Overall color will come into play more this year than it has in years past not only in flowers, but in paper goods, bridal party dresses and even in the place setting – how cool would a lilac colored drinking glass be?!


Fresh Colorful Tabletop Decor. Photo credit: The Handmade Fischers


Other decor-related concepts we are all about?!  While we have loved the use of greenery over the past 2-3 years we are excited to see this trend be kicked up a notch.  We are talking centerpieces of cherry blossoms, willow branch arches and olive sprig-lined place settings.  It will be about bringing elements of nature in, but in a polished and elegant way.  And those gorgeous green runners that have been gracing our tables?   Those we will continue to see, but likely broken up a bit more with flowers, fresh fruit and other natural embellishments.  Some of our favorite weddings of 2018 (especially later in the season) brought us a runner-like look by grouping many smaller vessels of flowers and greens together.  It felt fresh – not to mention stunning, and something we look forward to seeing more of – how beautiful would this look with a mix of lilacs ranging from white to a soft plum?!


Guest experience are two other hot button words we continue to hear about.  While a photo booth is always fun for guests, we also like to introduce some additional options (yes, you can have both!).  Some of our favorites include bringing in a mobile bar, a mixologist, whiskey tasting, oyster shuckers, or a cigar roller (among many more).  These specialty vendors bring an element of fun, they can be a personal favorite of either the bride or groom, and often encourage mingling between guests who may not otherwise get to know each other over the course of an evening.  Other food-related shifts we are fans of, transitioning away from a traditional buffet in lieu of food stations – both providing guests with different options and allowing the bride and groom to showcase their personal favorites!  And another one, small plates.  This style is for the true the foodie couple whose dinner is the main event (after the ceremony of course!).  We love this concept, and are excited to see which of our couples (and caterers!) run with it!  This style also happens to encourage another fun 2019 trend – a mixed place setting.  We love the use of mix and match china in coordinating patterns or colors.


Photo credit: Dylan Howell Photography


What all of this boils down to…making it personal, the ultimate key to 2019!!  From the start of our planning process with each couple we talk about this being their wedding.  What items are they more passionate about vs. what items they need there, but are less important.  We have each of them rank what is most significant to them, and then ask them to do it as couple as well.  From a planner’s perspective this list is something we can reference throughout the next couple of months.  If food is a big one for them, we work hard to find a caterer that can make their vision happen and then suggest some of the specialty options mentioned above or have special meaning to them.  We help our couples introduce elements of newness into their wedding, while also staying true to who they are as a couple and what they want out of their wedding.


Spiked Otter Pops. Photo credit: Dylan Howell Photography

The 2019 planning season is well under way and we cannot wait to see how it unfolds in the months ahead!


– Nora Sheils, Owner, Bridal Bliss Event Planning



More personalized elements and fun touches on your wedding day are gaining more and more popularity and 2019 will be no different.  What started as just fun photobooths or selfie stations have now evolved into even more fun and unique ideas.  From mobile petting zoos, where a llama and alpaca can join your guests for cocktails to vintage party buses for your entire wedding party to arrive in style, couples are looking for something to make their special day truly unique.

Mobile Petting Zoos. Photo credit: Dionne Kraus Photography

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Color is also making a comeback.  Muted, soft tones that we’ve seen gain popularity over the last few years is being pushed aside while fun pops of bold color will be seen more this year.  Lots of yellows, oranges, greens, and purples are making their way into the color pallets and all those fun colors are making some beautiful detail photographs of receptions and centerpieces.

Vintage Vehicles. Photo credit: Dionne Kraus Photography

Elopements and more intimate weddings are also something we will see more and more of this year.  Destination weddings are always a popular option for couples who want a smaller celebration, but even more so couples are now opting for just small elopements in some epic, scenic location.  The PNW is known for its incredible epic views of the Cascade mountain range as well as it’s breathtaking, jagged coastline, so naturally, those looking for a jaw-dropping backdrop while being secluded and surrounded by nature are choosing to elope in this area. Even those who choose to have larger wedding day celebrations are still opting to have their engagement photo shoots in the breathtaking beauty of these remote outdoor places.

Photo credit: Dionne Kraus Photography

Photo credit: Dionne Kraus Photography

Wedding day and engagement photography itself is also evolving.  Gone are the days of “look here and smile!” posed portraits.  Couples are really looking for something more artistic, un-posed, and that which paints a story in the viewers imagination.  Lots of movement in clothing and hair, raw emotions, and incorporating surrounding elements will be huge this year and photographers will really get the chance to show some more creativity to their images.

-Dionne Kraus, Owner, Dionne Kraus Photography



Sleeves and Sexy Backs – Wedding dresses with traditional coverage paired with a sexy back were big this year.  As a photographer, I absolutely love this trend because these dresses combine two looks in a stunning way. When shot directly on, the dresses offer a classic, contemporary look versus the dramatic difference these can have when captured at various angles and perspectives. I love that sleeves, and lace details, can offer a traditionally modest feel for brides who want coverage but who also want to show a pinch more on their wedding day.


Photo credit: Erika Ellis Photography

Photo credit: Erika Ellis Photography


Flower Crowns and Wildflower Bouquets –  This past year I found brides creating their own custom floral pieces, floral crowns and table scapes. Florals can be a big part of a couple’s budget and I have found that when couples engage in the hands-on making of their own bouquets and floral decor, it really adds another unique element to what the Bride and Groom envisions for their day.  The flowers from this particular wedding were harvested directly from the wedding venue (which also happens to the the home of the MOH). The ability to incorporate the garden flowers tied the venue backdrop directly into the wedding party and enhanced the wedding experience.


Wildflowers. Photo credit: Erika Ellis Photography


Delicious Desserts –  On wedding day, I am always eager and excited to see all the special details a Bride and Groom chooses to incorporate. Lately, bridal cakes and dessert tables are chance for couples to think outside of the box when it comes to the tradition of cutting the cake.  Some couples forgo the cutting part altogether, while others continue to “cut the cake” with their favorite dessert. From donut walls, cupcake towers, and chocolate fountains, to tiered cakes and sundae bars, desserts seem to be an opportunity for the bride and groom to uniquely shine (and share!).


Cupcake and Donut Tower. Photo credit: Erika Ellis Photography


-Erika Ellis, Owner, Erika Ellis Photography


UNIQUELY YOURS: Personalized Favor & Gift Trends with Evermine

Wedding Party Proposals. Photo credit: Evermine

This year we continue to see lots of fun and uniquely personalized Wedding Party Proposals using both our Beer Labels and Multi-Choice Wine Labels. We love it because it’s such a thoughtful yet incredibly easy DIY!

Eco-Friendly Favors. Photo credit: Evermine

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A trend that has become increasingly popular for couples are eco-friendly favors – from plantable paper hearts to pine saplings and air plants – a lot of couples are giving their guests favors to make the world a little bit greener!

Fun Favor: Midnight Snack. Photo credit: Evermine

Food favors are ever-popular – and for good reason! The bride and groom can share some of their favorite homemade or store-bought treats and guests always appreciate having a snack to enjoy late into the reception or for their way home. A few fun ideas include a DIY Midnight Snack goodie bag with milk & donuts, Mini Pies, Caramel Apples and Popcorn.

-The Design Team, Evermine


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