21st Birthday Beer

My brother loves to make others laugh. Whether he’s joking around or just pulling a silly face, he is definitely the comedian in the family. For my brother’s 21st birthday party, I wanted to make something that would make him laugh. These 21st birthday beer labels are perfect for doing just that.

21st Birthday Beer

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I found different photos of him on his Facebook and uploaded them to Apothecary Neat size 17. I looked for a variety of old and new photos. Each photo had a different color and designated name.  The names included:


21st Birthday Beer

I then purchased four different types of beer and took off the preexisting labels (instructions here). I carefully placed my newly-ordered labels onto each bottle. Since they are made of vinyl, I could easily peel the label out without leaving a paper residue if I positioned it wrong.

21st Birthday Beer

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This gift was super easy to make and order – and my brother loved it! If you plan to make beer labels for your next 21st birthday party, be sure to order around 2-3 weeks before the event! This is so you’ll have enough time to assemble everything before the party.

21st Birthday Beer

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