3 Easy Teacher Valentine Ideas

3 Easy Teacher Valentine Ideas #valentinesday #gift #kid #labels
Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your child’s favorite teacher can be a challenge. But the simplest idea can become a great gesture of your gratitude. Here are 3 easy ideas your teachers will love:

1. Apple of My Eye

An apple is the classic gift for a teacher. Simply add a custom label with a personal message from your child to make this healthy valentine a real treat.

Items Needed:
• Fresh apple (treat them to organic)
Petal shape label in Vintage Burlap style, Burlap Grapefruit

3 Easy Teacher Valentine Ideas #valentinesday #gift #kid #labels

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2. Bee Mine

I don’t know about you, but I love treating myself to a brand new stick of Burt Bee’s lip balm. Add personalized labels to the packaging and lip balm tube for a truly personal and unique gift any teacher would love.

Items Needed:
• Burt Bee’s Lip Balm
Rectangle label (shape 05) in Swing style, Peach. (Note: Leave the bottom text field of the label blank as it will overlap some when you wrap it around the lip balm tube.)
Rectangle label (shape 06) in Swing style, Peach.

3 Easy Teacher Valentine Ideas #valentinesday #gift #kid #labels

3. You’re My Cup Of Tea

Use our free printable tea envelopes to repackage your favorite tea. Add custom labels and tags with a personalized message from your child.

Items Needed:
• Single tea bags (your favorite flavor)
Free printable tea envelope
Square labels in Chalkboard style, Pale Pink.
Small diamond tags in Chalkboard style, Pale Pink.

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3 Easy Teacher Valentine Ideas #valentinesday #gift #kid #labels
3 Easy Teacher Valentine Ideas #valentinesday #gift #kid #labels

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  1. Being in the labeling business for more than a decade I must say that I am very impressed with your custom labeling. The tea bags with “You’re My Cup of Tea” is genius – I love it!!!

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