3 Ways to Package with Skinny Labels


These handy labels are half an inch in height and offered in 2 different lengths (8 inch Skinny Labels and 11 inch Skinny Labels). They can be used a variety of ways including as Tamper Evident Seals, personalized adhesive tape, and simply as decorative product identification labels. Scroll down to get the skinny on how to package with these great little labels!


1. Tamper-Evident Seals
These labels work great for products that you want to make tamper proof such as food and drinks and bath and body items.

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2. Adhesive Tape
Personalized, washi-tape anyone?! You can use Skinny Labels as adhesive tape to seal up packaging for things like baked goods or wedding favors.



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3. Unique, Wrap-Around Labeling
You can trim your labels down to size to wrap perfectly around small items.



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