30th Birthday: “Sweet” Memories

DIY 30th Birthday Idea: Sweet Memories

Hi, my name is Stacy and – wait for it – my brother turned 30 this year. How did that happen?!? It seems like just yesterday that we were kids playing in the backyard, and it got me thinking back on the past 30 years. There is this saying, “related by blood – friends by choice,” and that seems to define our relationship and the amazing memories we’ve shared as siblings.

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For his birthday, I thought of a fun way to welcome him into his 30’s. I jotted down a list of 30 memories we have shared, and instead of writing them down in a card, I wrote them on tags and attached them to bundles of his favorite candy Pixie Sticks. To make his present even sweeter, I wrapped $1 bills around the 30 bundles of candy. It was a trifecta… his favorite candy wrapped with memories and birthday money. He said it was the sweetest present he’s ever received.

DIY 30th Birthday Idea: Sweet Memories DIY 30th Birthday Gift Idea: Sweet Memories


  • birthday boy/girl’s favorite candy in bulk (I used 3 bags of Pixie Sticks)
  • 30 one-dollar-bills (I had to go the the bank for this)
  • custom tags from evermine.com

Cute DIY 30th Birthday Gift Idea: Sweet Memories


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To assemble the birthday memories, I gathered 3 Pixie Sticks together, and then I rolled a dollar bill around each bundle. To keep the bundle together, I wrapped my personalized gift tags that said “Miles Memories, Happy 30th!” around the bundle. Then I wrote a memory in the middle section of each gift tag. [printfriendly]

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