Hang Tag Escort Cards

Hang Tag Escort Cards | www.evermine.com
Get creative at your wedding reception and design a unique escort card display using hang tags. Simply browse our wedding hang tag collection, choose a design that continues the theme and colors of your wedding, and then order a set for each table. When personalizing your text, it’s best to leave the main text area blank so there is enough room to handwrite each guest’s name.

Hang Tag Escort Cards | www.evermine.com
Add a touch of charm by including a quote or short phrase about love and marriage to the remaining available text area. For example:

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– love has no limits
– all we need is love
– forever & always
– better together
– live a life of love
– happily ever after
– best friends for life
– love wins
– best. day. ever.

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Hang Tag Escort Cards | www.evermine.com
Finish by pinning each tag to a cork board. Dress up your display with a floral garland or decorative accent and you’re ready for the big day.

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