Three Wedding Cake Alternatives

3 Wedding Cake Alternatives |


More and more weddings each year are exploring different ways to do ‘traditional’ things. This applies to everything from the white wedding dress to the standard wedding cake. If you are feeling adventurous for your big day, try doing one of these three simple yet quirky alternatives to your ordinary wedding cake.

1. Cake Bites

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A classy take on your average cupcake, these cake bites look as delicious as they taste. Adorn them with fresh flowers or slices of fruit for an added pop of color.


2. Pie

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If you have a killer pie recipe, consider making some for your big day! You can offer ice cream or whipping cream on the side for guests to topping options. Play with the top structure by making delicately-cut flowers or intricate braiding to make the pie more formal.

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3. Donuts

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Sweet and delicious, donuts are a guest favorite. You can make them yourself or visit your favorite donut shop. Wedding donuts can also be customized to match your color theme if need be.

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