4th of July Candy Favors + DIY Twist Tie Tutorial #printable #craft(Used in this project: Scallop Favor Tags in Boxicle and Fest styles with Small Cellophane Bags and Printable Paper Ribbon.)

Simple candy favors, for any occasion, are easy to make and always loved by guests who take them home (especially children). For these 4th of July favors, I chose to use handmade twist ties instead of ribbon to tie up small cellophane bags filled with cherry and blueberry Jelly Bellies.

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I first read about making twist ties here and knew I wanted to try it with our new printable paper ribbon. The process turned out to be simple and I just love how they look!

DIY Twist Ties

Printable paper ribbon
• Double sided tape
• Florists wire
• Scissors

Step One: Download and print out the paper ribbon. Cut out each strip with scissors (or you can also use a ruler and kraft knife).

Step Two: Cut the wire the same length as the ribbon. I just used scissors to cut the wire, but a wire cutter would be ideal.

Step Three: Apply double sided tape to two pieces of paper ribbon. (Tip: the double sided tape I had on hand was too wide for the ribbon, so I simply cut it in half lengthwise).

Step Four: Stick the wire to the tape and then place the second piece of ribbon (with tape) directly on top of the first piece. Press together and you’re finished!

4th of July Candy Favors + DIY Twist Tie Tutorial #printable #craft

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To assembly my candy favors, I filled small cellophane bags with candy and tied it closed with string and a blue scallop favor tag. Next I added a star spangled twist tie (covering the string) and cut off the extra cellophane from the top of the bag.
4th of July Candy Favors + DIY Twist Tie Tutorial #printable #craft

Used In This Project:

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