5 Appreciation Gifts That Teachers Actually Want

5 Teacher Appreciation Gifts Your Teachers Will Actually Want | Evermine Occasions | www.evermine.com
This week, blog contributor Stacy’s Dutton’s clever gift idea for Teacher Appreciation Wine Bottles went viral on Reddit, and was picked up by The Today Show (video and blog post) and The Huffington Post. So since we are in the spirit of giving hard working teachers exactly what they want, here’s a roundup of our favorite teacher-loving ideas from the blog (which may or may not include alcohol).

Teacher Appreciation Gifts | Evermine Occasions | Evermine.com
Bottles of Wine: Surprise your kid’s teachers with this lighthearted and humorous gift that is personalized with a photo of your child, and the text “Our child might be the reason you drink, so enjoy this bottle on us!” While we agree that this might not be an appropriate gift for everyone, it’s a fun present for teachers that you know on a personal level. We highly recommend gifting this surprise outside of school.

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Teacher Appreciation Gifts | Evermine Occasions | Evermine.com
Funfetti Donuts: Sweeten up a teacher’s day with these homemade Funfetti Donuts. Take your appreciation to the next level with this “punny” label that reads “Donut know what I would do without you!”

Teacher Appreciation Gifts | Evermine Occasions | Evermine.com
Teacher Appreciation Basket: Go above and beyond with this personalized teacher appreciation basket. Include the teacher’s favorite goodies, like a Starbucks gift card, a great book, candy and treats, and personalized sheets of bookplates with the teacher’s name.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts | Evermine Occasions | Evermine.com
DIY Hand Soap: It’s no secret that teachers are one of the most important professions. Thank them while also keeping them healthy with these custom made DIY hand soaps. Add this adorable tag that reads “(Child’s Name) says HANDS DOWN you’re the best teacher around!” TIP: If you don’t have time to make these soaps, grab some bottles of hand sanitizer and these personalized labels. Teachers can never have enough germ killer!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts | Evermine Occasions | Evermine.com
Teacher Essentials Kit: Help your child’s teacher prepare for anything the day may throw at them with this thoughtful Teacher Essentials Kit. All you need is a plastic organizer from your local craft store, and a round up of goodies. We recommend including hand sanitizer, Chapstick, mints, Tylenol, a lint roller, hand lotion, a mini manicure kit, band aids, candy, and miscellaneous school supplies like paper and binder clips.

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