5 Days of Fall Giveaways: Day 3

5 Days of Fall Giveaways: Day 3 | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com

Day 3: This week, we’ll be collaborating with some of our favorite bloggers (who just happen to be regular contributors to the Evermine Blog) to put together a special series of fall-themed giveaways! For every day this week, one of our contributors will be giving away a prize: something they’ve made by hand that represents their own blog/business and aesthetic, along with a $50 gift certificate from Evermine. Enter the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the page for a chance to win.

For today’s giveaway, we’re partnering with Lindsay McCoy of A Wooden Nest. Lindsay recently became the editor for the Evermine blog in February 2014, but she has been contributing posts for us since 2010.

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5 Days of Fall Giveaway (Day 3): Handmade Coasters from A Wooden Nest and a $50 Gift Certificate from Evermine | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com
We’ve asked Lindsay a few questions about her blogging history and about the prize she’s giving away today:

Q&A with Lindsay McCoy of A Wooden Nest

Hi Lindsay! Where do you blog?
You can find my blog over at http://www.awoodennest.com.

Please describe your blog for us.
I write mostly about things that revolve around my home: food, gardening, crafts, backyard chickens and simple living.

So what got you started in the world of blogging?
After graduating with my B.A. in English in 2010, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life, so I decided to go back and teach myself the basics: gardening, cooking, knitting and creating things with my own two hands. I found I really enjoyed the simplicity and sustainability (and affordability) of living a more DIY-type lifestyle, and decided to start documenting my projects on my personal blog. Eventually, blogging became part of the creative process for me, so I started a new blog, A Wooden Nest, solely for the purpose of sharing and documenting my projects.

And how long have you been writing for the Evermine Blog?
I created my first post for Evermine back in October 2010, so it’s been just over 4 years now!

Can you say a few words to describe your prize for us?
Last year, I decided to make all my Christmas gifts for friends and family by hand, and these handmade coasters were part of each package. I had an excess of cotton yarn and scrap fabric, so I created the coaster tops by knitting and crocheting the rounds, attached fun fabric backings to make them more durable, and bundled them in sets of 5. After making and packaging them as gifts, I found I had a few extra bundles, so I thought it would be fun to give some away to a blog reader for Evermine. I use them at home all the time and think they’re awesome, especially because they’re super easy to clean.

5 Days of Fall Giveaway (Day 3): Handmade Coasters from A Wooden Nest and a $50 Gift Certificate from Evermine | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.com
Do you have a link with a recipe or craft tutorial either on your own blog or the Evermine blog? If so, where can we find it?
I have craft tutorials for the coasters on both blogs! You can find it here on A Wooden Nest, or here on Evermine.

And, finally, what’s your favorite post you’ve ever written for the Evermine blog?
I’m pretty proud of my Knitted Christmas Baubles post.

Thanks for chatting with us Lindsay! Be sure to check out her website, A Wooden Nest.

To enter today’s giveaway for Lindsay’s Handmade Coasters and Evermine’s $50 gift certificate, just fill out the Rafflecopter below. You’ll have 2 weeks to enter before the winner is chosen. And be sure to tune in tomorrow for day 4 of our 5 Days of Fall Giveaway series!

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