5 Favorite DIY Halloween Ideas

Bring on all the candy and cocktails — Halloween is just around the corner! We’ve rounded up a few favorite spooky recipes and ideas that will take this year’s Halloween shenanigans to a whole new level.


Poisoned Apple Cocktail

This enchanted potion is as bewitching as it is refreshing— a mix of apple juice, pomegranate juice and vodka garnished with a slice of apple and pomegranate seeds.

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Bugs & Kisses

Simply mix up a few plastic spiders with Hershey’s kisses candy and you have a punny Halloween party favor with just the right amount of gross factor.


Black Candied Apples

Candied apples become a frightening form of art with a little bit of black food dye and some trimmed tree branches for an extra spooky effect.
Poison is optional.


Homemade Popcorn Balls

Popcorn balls are a classic fall treat, and Lindsay shares a yummy recipe she made for a Halloween Party along with some great packaging ideas.


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Bare Bone Pretzel Treats

These little “bones” make a deliciously creepy DIY snack for Halloween. Made of almond bark, pretzel sticks and mini marshmallows they are easy and fun to assemble.


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